March 01, 2007

Mar. 1, 2007: Right Honourable Senators

Senate shuts down little-known emergency fund -- The Senate has shut down a slush fund that gave thousands of dollars to Liberals over the past year, and at least one Conservative senator only learned of the fund recently, CTV News has learned. , With a report by CTV's David Akin in Ottawa, 28/02/2007 11:18:54 PM

"There are all these arrangements made are beyond the knowledge of the public, let alone people in the Senate," Marjory LeBreton, the government leader in the Senate, told CTV News.

She said she discovered the fund last month -- only when the Liberal-dominated Senate decided to end the program. [....]

Last year, four Liberal senators received a combined $42,500 from the fund, and this year, another two Liberal senators got a total of $42,500.

Senator Serge Joyal ... $25,000.
He is writing a book on Canada-U.S. relations. [....]

Liberal Senator George Furey is not amused ... nor are we, though our reasons may differ.

Just imagine what Senator Joyal would have to say about Canada-US relations and where that would fit into the near future ... in an effort to get things back to normal. I wonder what his sequel would be?

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