March 03, 2007

Mar. 3, 2007: WFM, Global Governance & UN Tentacles in CA

Update Mar. 6, 2007: In the screen capture on the World Federalist Movement in Canada, otherwise known as the World Federalists Movement, below, is mention of the UNEP or United Nations Environmental Program begun by Maurice Strong.

Related: Frost Hits the Rhubarb Feb. 26, 2007: Strong: Environmental Guru -- re: UN Maurice Strong Environment Kyoto

At the United Nations, the Curious Career of Maurice Strong , By Claudia Rosett and George Russell, February 08, 2007,2933,250789,00.html

[....] Strong, now 77, is best known as the godfather of the environmental movement, who served from 1973-1975 as the founding director of the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP) in Nairobi. UNEP is now a globe-girdling organization with a yearly budget of $136 million, which claims to act as the world’s environmental conscience. [....]

Rosset is worth reading; she has done considerable investigative work on the UN, its Oil for Food corruption, Tongsun Park and Maurice Strong's part in it and related journalistic work.

Related: Note mention of "Global Taxes": Frost Hits the Rhubarb Feb. 4, 2007: Science- Traditional Knowledge-Politics

Eminent Scientists' Conclusions, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, IPCC Summary a Political Document, World Federalist Movement and President, ex-Liberal Solicitor General Warren Allmand, Responsibility to Protect-R2P-R2PCS (Civil Society) ... Screen capture: WFM, UN Global Taxes
which was updated Feb. 6, 2007 (I had typed 2006 in error.)

Search for United Nations in relation to R2P and R2PCS:

[....] Sheila Watt-Cloutier [Inuit activist]

[....] Jan. 20, 2007: #2

Kyoto, The Science and the Scientists, Native Input, Funding, Special Arrangements and More

[....] She champions ... traditional ecological knowledge [....]

Responsibility to Protect - Engaging Civil Society R2PCS. The project, which is a collaboration of the WFM

WFM = World Federalist Movement and ex-Solicitor General and Liberal Warren Allmand, President. Check for taxpayer funds.

R2P = Responsibility to Protect
R2PCS = "Responsibility to Protect" and engaging "Civil Society"

Note: R2P and Global Taxes, Warren Allmand, International Criminal Court

There is more in that post if you check.

End of Update

I don't recall voting for this, that is, funding studies into the possibility of world federalism. Do you? It sounds too much like a world government run by the inept UN. Check further into the funding for all these helping, do-good, activist-filled organizations and homes for ex-politicians.

Double click the screen capture to enlarge the screen capture, then "back" to return.

Do you want Global Governance and to be taxed by the United Nations?

World Federalists

Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly
-- and here

Search: world federalists movement [Note the S in federalists]

UNPA campaign -- Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

UNPA = UN Parliamentary Assembly

If you Google "", you will find this entry:

Home - Vancouver Community Network
Owns and operates a free, publicly accessible, non-commercial computer utility which provides public space on the internet.

If it is free, who pays for it? Taxpayers?

Unfortunately, it may not be entirely apolitical. I am shocked.

Peace, Earth and Justice News -- or here

Islands - Victoria News / PEJ Events
Date: Feb 09, 2007 - 09:57 AM
Left Coast Events - Lower Mainland - Feb 6 07

1. FROM BETTY K: Pls write a letter to the Judge!!!! - sentencing, Feb 8th
6. COOPRADIO.ORG: Prosecuting War Crimes - LawyersAgainst the War & Gail Davidson - Feb 12 & 29th
7. Georgia Strait Alliance News & Events - Feb 7-11,21-25th
9. Saving the Commons and the Commoners, Thur. Feb.15
10. Maher Arar Speaks! - Feb 16th
11. COPE Dinner with Jinny Sims - Feb 17th
15. Upcoming Courses at SHADE Consulting - Feb 23, Mar3rd [....]

Google: , wfcvb

World Federalist Movement Canada - Vancouver Branch
e-mail URL: ... 2002-2004 World Federalist Movement - Vancouver Branch • ...

World Citizens Unite! |

Is this representing one side of the political spectrum using other taxpayers' money?

Empower the United Nations ! - Canada Young Disgners - Kenya Young General Assembly - Worldwide ... Note there are three urls.

WORLD PEACE HERO TO BE HONOURED AT WORLD PEACE FORUM -- Note prominent names , June 22, 2006

2006 award recipient is Project Ploughshares cofounder, Ernie Regehr

Vancouver—“Nations rightly honour their military heroes. The Canada World Peace Award celebrates those courageous individuals who make outstanding contributions to world peace and justice.” says Warren Allmand, President of the World Federalist Movement–Canada(WFMC).

Since 1972, WFMC's annual award has paid tribute to such champions of world peace as Lester Pearson, Stephen Lewis, Louise Arbour, Lloyd Axworthy and Roméo Dallaire. This year, the honour will go to Ernie Regehr, cofounder of Project Ploughshares, the influential global peace advocacy agency of the Canadian Council of Churches. The banquet award ceremony will
take place during the World Peace Forum in Vancouver ... (University of British Columbia campus).... Robin Collins, Chair of WFMC's Executive Council. [....]

Empower the United Nations !

I do not have much respect for the UN, given what has been revealed about its corruption. Why do Canadian taxpayer funds go toward a World Federalist Movement and undoubtedly, if one were to dig, to its United Nations tenatacles in Canada? Do you want Global Governance and to pay taxes to the UN? Information on this was posted on Frost Hits the Rhubarb in February.

Responsibility to Protect

International Criminal Court

Indigenous People's Declaration

World Federalists [note the S] Movement
Peace Operations and Civil Society

Global citizens movement

Global Justice Movement

[....] Visions of a Global Citizens Movement

Orion Kriegman, author of Dawn of the Cosmopolitan: The Hope of a Global Citizens Movement, provides the most complete description to date of what a potential Global Citizens Movement might look like. In his introduction he states, “Transnational corporations, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) remain powerful global actors, but all of these would be deeply influenced by a coherent, worldwide association of millions of people who call for priority to be placed on new vales of quality of life, human solidarity, and environmental sustainability.”

Kriegman distinguishes this “coherent, worldwide association of millions” from the existing fragmented social movements active in the World Social Forum. These movements tend to be issue-specific – focused on labor, environment, human rights, feminist issues, indigenous struggles, poverty, AIDS, and numerous other interrelated but “siloed” efforts. Coherence among these movements would require a reframing of their work under the rubric of the struggle for a socially just and ecologically sustainable global society and the establishment of an institutional structure to defend the rights of humanity, future generations, and the biosphere. Kriegman asserts, “The upsurge of civil society activity, in the form of NGOs and social movements, over the past few decades can be understood as an early manifestation of the latency in the global system, and at the same time this transnational activity helps deepen the latency. However, existing social movements have not found a way to effectively balance the creative tension between pluralism and coherence to provide a collective framework for theory and action. Without a shared framework, it is hard to imagine how the latent potential would coalesce into a global systemic movement. The development of a shared framework will depend on new forms of leadership to facilitate engaged dialogue inclusive of diverse voices.” [....]

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