June 29, 2006

June 29, 2006: "this filthy country"....We hate Canada."

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Hateful chatter behind the veil -- Key suspects' wives held radical views, Web postings reveal Omar El Akkad and Greg McArthur, G&M, June 29, 06

[....] Wives of four of the central figures arrested last month were among the most active on the website, sharing, among other things, their passion for holy war, disgust at virtually every aspect of non-Muslim society and a hatred of Canada. The posts were made on personal blogs belonging to both Mr. Amara and Ms. Farooq, as well as a semi-private forum founded by Ms. Farooq where dozens of teens in the Meadowvale Secondary School area chatted. The vast majority of the posts were made over a period of about 20 months, mostly in 2004, and the majority of those were made by the group's female members.

The tightly knit group of women who chatted with each other includes Mariya (the wife of alleged leader Fahim Ahmad), Nada (the wife of Mr. Amara, the alleged right-hand man) Nada's sister Rana (wife of suspect Ahmad Ghany), as well as Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal (the Muslim convert from Cape Breton, N.S. who married the oldest suspect, 43-year-old Qayyum Abdul Jamal). The women's husbands are part of a core group of seven charged with the most severe crimes -- plotting to detonate truck bombs against the Toronto Stock Exchange, a Canadian Forces target, and the Toronto offices of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. [....]

A must read -- lengthy and revealing.

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Fahim Ahmad, 21 [wife: Cheryfa Jamal]

It's alleged the group's emir, or leader, was Fahim Ahmad, and that he was in touch with shadowy terrorist figures in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Britain. [....]

Zakaria Amara, 20 [whose wife, Nada Farooq, along with Cheryfa Jamal, wife of Qayyum Abdul Jamal -- are featured in the above article, "Wives united by hatred"]

It's alleged that Zakaria Amara led a group of the suspects after the larger group split split in February. Followers of Zakaria Amara, impatient to get moving, are alleged to have formed a bomb group

It is alleged that Mr. Amara was spotted approaching government offices in the far Northern Ontario community of Cochrane, Ont., allegedly to scout out a possible location for a training camp. Someone claims to have heard him fire off two shots with a shotgun. It is alleged that Mr. Amara grew impatient that Mr. Ahmad was not moving fast enough. Mr. Amara is alleged to have joined forces with a charismatic figure at a local Islamic centre: Qayyum Jamal. With the help of the 43-year-old, Mr. Amara surrounded himself with a small group of young men and teenagers.

Mr. Amara recently moved into his mother-in-law's Mississauga home. He was planning to live with his wife, Nada Farooq, their eight-month old daughter, Nour, and the rest of the Farooq family. [....]

Somebody else to keep them ... welfare or relatives ... Is there a pattern?

Canada Day reading .....


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