June 28, 2006

June 28, 2006: Rabble Rousers-Ottawa Press Corps -&- More

Julie Van Dusen, Emmanuelle Latraverse & Lina Dib

Julie Van Dusen harangues colleagues who break rank. Kevin Libin, Western Standard.ca, June 19, 2006

[....] But on the Hill there are plenty of stories of how the National's Julie Van Dusen harangues colleagues who break rank. (She also recently PMO security and began banging on Harper's door while he was meeting with children). Others name Radio Canada's Emmanuelle Latraverse and TVA's Lina Dib as two key rabble rousers. [....]

More of Kevin Libin's exclusive interview: Prime Minister Stephen Harper explains why the press gallery's fighting him--and why it's backfiring

Why is Canada's own Medusa so virulently pro Liberal and anti-Harper? Why are the others so rabid? ... Could we guess?

Defence procurement: Jim Travers drags Bush into it Mark Collins, on DamianPenny.com via W

Facts, research...who cares when one can bring Bush into an issue in order to discredit the government? The Toronto Star's Mr Travesty gets things very, very wrong:

Among those Harper is pleasing are O'Connor, the arms industry that until recently paid his lobbying fees, Chief of Defence Staff Rick Hillier, George W. Bush and, of course, Boeing. In buying everything from the [C-17] Globemasters to helicopters, ships and trucks, Harper ends a nasty dispute between O'Connor and Hillier and sends another strong signal south that, more than a friend, Canada is an ally.

That's important to an increasingly isolated Bush administration. And it's a help to both the Pentagon and Boeing as they try to extend the slowing Globemaster production run as far as possible...

That is nonsense. The Administration has been trying to stop C-17 procurement; it is Congress that is trying to extend it. From Aerospace Daily & Defense Report, April 5: [....]

'It's the gutting of the Canadian mining industry' Carrie Tait, Financial Post, June 27, 2006

The proposed mining mega-merger between Inco Ltd., Falconbridge Ltd. and Phelps Dodge Corp. may spark a twinkle in the eyes of some, but at least one group on Bay Street is pouting.

Mining analysts -- a clique in high demand as metal prices soar and merger madness washes over Canada -- are looking at the roster of companies they cover and noticing one saddening characteristic: It's shrinking.

The three-way, US$40-billion deal may sound exciting -- it would be the largest takeover in Canadian history -- but two Canadian mining institutions would be wiped off the Canadian map.

"It's the gutting of the Canadian mining industry," one analyst said. Asked what mining analysts will cover should Inco and Falconbridge be taken out, the analyst said: "I'm trying not to think about it, actually." [....]

I have not checked further; it may be a hoax but I prefer to be safe so I heed virus warnings.

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