June 24, 2006

June 24, 2006: Update to Addax & Oryx Gp, BNP Paribas, AXMIN.inc & Canada

June 24, 2006: Update to Addax & Oryx Gp, BNP Paribas, AXMIN.inc & Canada

Where did ex-PM Jean Chretien fit into all this ... if he did? He made more than one foray to the Far East compliments of the taxpayers of Canada and he was appointed as "special adviser to PetroKaz for international relations". Consider the ex-PM Chretien's connections. Since his golf-ball testimony before the Gomery Inquiry, we've heard little of him.......

I had more information to add to a post Frost Hits the Rhubarb June 22, 06 (scroll down) -- the specific post, FHTR June 22, 2006: Kazakhastan, The Silk Road Group, Banks, Shipping, & More [Relevant Maps, Completing the French Connection ... forged Niger Documents, Addax & Oryx Group] ....

That covered:

June 22, 2006: Kazakhastan, The Silk Road Group, Banks, Shipping, & More ....

KazSat 1 will be followed by KazSat 2 and KazSat 3 and several scientific satellites that could predict earthquakes and are equipped with remote sensing devices ....

ex-PM Jean Chretien and Kazakhastan ... the David Olive reference ....

Completing the French Connection ... forged Niger Documents ....

Addax & Oryx Group ....
[more below]

Search terms: Addax & Oryx Group / AXMIN.inc , Addax Petroleum NV , BNP Paribas [See below for more from:www.herbertsmith.com/NR/exeres/3257EB28-4CC2-4B72-BEC4-1E2B5FAF4672.htm] , Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire, Addax Petroleum -- mentioned in the above]

Canuck Connections

Herbert Smith advises BNP Paribas on major innovative financing deal for Addax Petroleum 07 March 2002

Herbert Smith announced today that it has advised BNP Paribas S.A. as sole lead arranger, bookrunner, facility agent and technical bank on US$100 million secured financings for Addax Petroleum’s Nigerian oil and gas interests. The deal is significant for Herbert Smith because it was the firm’s first instruction for the bank in London.

Addax Petroleum NV, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Addax & Oryx, is planning to use the credit facility to re-finance its existing credit facility and to fund additional exploration activities such as drilling new wells, laying pipelines and upgrading and expanding production facilities.

Jason Fox commented: "We were very pleased to have the opportunity of working alongside BNP and Addax on developing this unusual borrowing base facility. [....]

Herbert Smith is an international broad-based law firm with over 1,000 lawyers (including some 190 partners) and a network of offices in Europe and Asia. We are committed to providing high quality and innovative legal services to major corporations, governments, financial institutions and all types of commercial organisations. In addition, we have a formal alliance with the leading German firm, Gleiss Lutz, and the leading Dutch and Belgian firm, Stibbe. [....]

Le Club Pierre (Paris) - Le rendez-vous de l'Immobilier

AXMINinc.com Board of Directors Google's cache as retrieved on 14 Jun 2006 -- or Addax & Oryx Group -- Switzerland-Canada-Africa-Eurasia Connections

Note that all the countries that have honoured Jean Claude Gandur are French speaking. Remember the tie-in mentioned above to BNP Paribas ... Paris? Check further.

Jean Claude Gandur

Mr Gandur is the Chairman and CEO of The Addax & Oryx Group Limited, an integrated African oil business. He became the Chairman of SAMAX Gold Inc. in 1996 and of AXMIN in 2002. SAMAX was sold to Ashanti Goldfields Company Limited in 1998. Prior to founding [along with others listed] The Addax & Oryx Group Limited in 1987 Mr Gandur worked with a number of major commodity trading houses such as Philipp Brothers, Sigmoil Resources N.V. and Kaines SA. Mr Gandur has been the honorary consul for the Republic of Congo in Geneva (Switzerland) since 1990 and has been awarded the position of diplomat by Senegal. In addition he has received the decorations of Grand Officer of the Lion Order of Senegal and Commander of the National Order of Benin. Mr Gandur is a member of the AXMIN's Disclosure Committee.

Dr Michael Martineau
Deputy Chairman & President

... co-founded AXMIN in 1999 ... Eurasia Mining PLC and a Director of Golden Star Resources Ltd.. Dr Martineau founded SAMAX Resources Limited ... was listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange as SAMAX Gold Inc. ... management positions with several senior mining companies. ... AXMIN's Disclosure and Technical Committees.

Dr Jonathan Forster
Chief Executive Officer

... co-founded AXMIN in 1999 ... CEO ... Group Exploration Manager for SAMAX Gold Inc. ... mining and mineral exploration companies ... a Senior Resource Analyst at a firm of London (United Kingdom) stockbrokers. ... a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining ("IMMM") in the United Kingdom ... AXMIN's Disclosure Committee.

Michael Ebsary
CFO of Addax Petroleum Corporation and CFO for investments at The Addax & Oryx Group
Limited covering the upstream, downstream and mining activities of the group

Mr Ebsary joined Addax Petroleum, the upstream arm of The Addax & Oryx Group Limited ... worked for a number of oil companies. ... a director ... AXMIN's Corporate Governance Committee.

Robert Jackson
EVP Corporate Development for Jaguar Mining Inc.

... a Professional Engineer in Ontario (Canada) and a Chartered Financial Analyst. ... MBA from the University of Western Ontario (Canada), an MSc in Mining Engineering from Queen's University (Canada) and a BSc in Mining Engineering ... 15 years of experience in the securities business ... a Mining Engineer with Falconbridge Limited. ... EVP Corporate Development for Jaguar Mining Inc. ... a director of AXMIN in 1999. ... AXMIN's Audit, Compensation, Corporate Governance and Technical Committees.

Dr Edward Reeve
Founder of Haliburton Mineral Services Inc., engaged in the research of gold producer hedging and other consulting work

... MSc in Geology ... University of Wisconsin ... a PhD in Geology and an MBA ... University of Toronto ... 19 years experience in the brokerage business primarily as a gold equity analyst. ... a director ...

Robert Shirriff
Counsel to Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Barristers & Solicitors of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

... 45 years ... commercial and corporate law and has acted for a number of corporations operating in Canada and internationally. ... a director of SAMAX Gold Inc. ... a director of AXMIN in 1999 ... AXMIN's Compensation Committee.

Anthony Walsh
President & Chief Executive Officer of Miramar Mining Corporation

... Queen's University (Canada) ... The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1976. ... Miramar Mining Corporation ... a computer leasing company ... International Corona Mines Ltd., a major North American gold producer ... Vice-President, Finance of International Corona Mines Ltd., ... Deloitte, Haskins & Sells, a firm of Chartered Accountants ... AXMIN's Audit and Corporate Governance Committees.


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