June 22, 2006

June 22, 2006: Military, Ethics Bill, UN Millennium Goals, Mortazavi, Divorce...

Government to announce plane purchase in Quebec City -- Tories to address fears that deal with Boeing will cost Canadian jobs Mike Blanchfield and David Pugliese, CanWest, June 21, 2006

A military acquaintance told me that all military contracts had to be run by the Quebec caucus to see what could be done in Quebec. Remember the Iltis? Certainly, contracts will be awarded there.

You might want to check into some Quebec companies such as Oerlikon or Oerlikon-Contaves. I believe that the General Andrew Leslie has written to the Minister of Defense, making it clear that the army/military do not want ... is it the MMEV? ... or whatever vehicle(?) or equipment(?) has been made for the military there, which leaves the decision to the politicians. Oerlikon, apparently, has been kept afloat by such contract(s) for years, so the scuttlebutt goes.

Check further: General Andrew Leslie, artillery , Chief of Staff(?)--Canada's top military leader--Rick Hillier , MMEV-TDP (Technology Demonstration Project)

[....] reports that the federal government is in discussions with the Bush administration to obtain one of the U.S. military's C-17s, a move that would allow the Canadian Forces to take quick delivery of the first of the four planes instead of waiting years for its order to be processed.

[....] But the European consortium EADS, whose A400 Airbus is being passed over, as well as the Liberal opposition, are critical of what they say has been a secretive process that is not giving Canadian taxpayers full value.

Friday's announcement to spend upwards of $4-billion on four C-17 Globemaster transports, plus a maintenance program, would come eight days after Industry Minister Maxime Bernier met privately with Boeing's top military executive in Washington.

Is MP Emerson not the Industry Minister? Is there another Minister for Quebec?

Military Photo -- Impressive! StrategyPage.com

06/18/06 - U.S. Air Force and naval aircraft fly over the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) and USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) carrier strike groups in the Philippine Sea June 18, 2006, during exercise Valiant Shield 2006. The joint exercise consists of 28 naval vessels, more than 300 aircraft, and approximately 20,000 service members from the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate Todd P. Cichonowicz)

Bruce Cheadle: Foreign aid tied to terror fight: report Jun. 19, 06

[....] The Reality of Aid Network's annual 2006 global overview of development assistance states that Iraq and Afghanistan swallowed up $10 billion of the $27 billion in new aid added to donor budgets between 2000 and 2004. Only one quarter of the new resources, states the independent network comprised of civil society groups, was even available for Millennium Development Goal initiatives laid out by the United Nations. ***

Would that jeopardize all those cozy little arrangements made by the previous government, by any possible chance? Read on and note CIDA input .......

[....] Between 2001 and 2004, about 28 per cent of new Canadian aid was targeted at Afghanistan and Iraq for reasons that the Canadian International Development Agency explicitly linked to global security.

"The result has been a distortion of the government's commitment to allocate new aid resources since 2002 for CIDA's program in its nine countries of focus," states a chapter on Canada in the 386-page report.

[.... Prime Minister] Harper last week announcing another $15 million in rural development aid for Afghanistan - part of a Canadian aid package that will total nearly $1 billion over 10 years.

[....] Canada, which gave 0.27 per cent of gross national product to overseas development aid in 2004, was ranked 14th among donor nations in the report and is not closing ground on the Millennium target of 0.7 per cent by 2015.

Would that impact upon the ability of the talking heads to travel and to attend talk fests on how much we owe to the rest of the world, meanwhile living relatively palatially themselves, while attempting to guilt-trip the rest of us? Think of the do-gooders ... Stephen Lewis ... Mo Strong ... the Aga Khan whose Peace Centre in Ottawa graciously accepted $30-MILLION from Canadian taxpayers delivered by the Liberal government ... Meanwhile the Aga Khan collects Ismaili tithing ... delivered in cash ....... The word Switzerland fits in there somewhere ....... Liberals liberally dispensing your taxes to friends and fellow ideologues .... or business friends ..... It was ever thus in Liberal Canada.

The report states that donor nations, specifically the U.S. and Australia but also the Netherlands "and perhaps Canada," are pushing to expand the rules on what qualifies as overseas development aid to include military reforms and modernization.

[...] gearing up for an OECD meeting in 2007 [....]

*** Millennium Development Goal initiatives laid out by the United Nations and headed by the unctuous, "clean break" Kofi ... who failed to mention Zahra Kazemi ...... and Saeed Mortazavi.

Why should Canadians pay any heed to the United Nations, headed by Kofi Annan: "UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan opened the inaugural council session on Monday, urging the member states to mark a "clean break" from the practices of the now-disbanded Human Rights Commission, which had become infiltrated with human rights abuser states." Graeme Hamilton and Steven Edwards, National Post and CanWest News Service, June 21, 2006 -- "UN rights council 'mockery' -- Critics assail Iranian delegate implicated in death of Canadian"

The Iranian prosecutor implicated in the death of Montreal photojournalist Zahra Kazemi is part of a delegation at a new UN human rights body that was created to replace a commission widely discredited for allowing human rights abusers too much power.

The attendence of Saeed Mortazavi made a "mockery" of the inaugural meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, according to critics. [....]

UN Watch: Hillel Neuer

"There is nothing more obscene than seeing someone alleged to have been involved in torture and possible murder sitting there as a dignitary,"

[....] In a 2004 report, "Like the Dead in Their Coffins: Torture, Detention and the Crushing of Dissent in Iran," Human Rights Watch said political prisoners in Tehran were known as "Mortazavi's prisoners" by guards and other prisoners. "Few individuals bear more responsibility for turning the judiciary into a tool of the ongoing political crackdown than Said Mortazavi," the report said, using an alternate spelling of his first name.

Note the alternate spelling for Saeed Mortazavi -- and note elsewhere, for example, in news out of China and the Chinese communities around the world, also, the alternate names used by persons of interest.

Feminists must be apoplectic

Today, I read that the "no fault divorce" may be threatened. A contract, in this case a marriage contract, since marriage is a contract freely entered into with certain promises made during whatever ceremony (I am not referring to a pre-nup), and when children are part of the mix, deserves to be taken more seriously. Did the Supremes get this one right this time? Or will they backtrack, as Justice Ian Binnie seems to be trying to do. (from my cursory reading only. See today's news.)

Excellent -- a must read

Barbara Kay: Ideology trumps equality -- "The family law system is now systemically colonized by radical feminists." NatPost, Jun. 21, 06

[....] Their goal is the complete autonomy of women (except for financial support), via the incremental legal eclipse of men's influence over women's spheres of "identity" interests, which includes children. Thus the custody issue has become a front line in the gender wars. [....]

By no means an exhaustive list, radical feminism is supported by collective rights-dominated law school curricula; feminism-riddled "cultural studies" and the humanities in general; women's studies departments, in reality feminist recruitment and networking centres/ideological boot camps; politically powerful, tax-funded feminist groups who extend strategic mentorship to a wide substratum of women's causes; supine prime ministers and go-with-the-zeitgeist justice ministers; and a critical mass of ideologically aggressive judges, whose juridical archives, bristling with subjective, gender-biased judgments, discredit their vocation and call into question the whole notion of equality under the law. [....]

Search: "We have to be pro-active in rearranging the Canadian family" , Martin Cauchon , Peter Jaffe , National Association of Women and the Law , It's a trickle down process , Eddie Greenspan

The above is part of Kay's series "on anti-male bias with a look at solutions: what children, fathers and 90% of Canadians want, but feminists are determined they won't get."

Financial Post Summary

Liberal troops in a foul mood -- Grumbling at the grassroots has some party vets worried about the next vote Linda Diebel, The Star, Jun. 21, 2006. 01:00 AM, via W

It's only a few months into the Liberal leadership race, and the troops on the ground are exhausted.

On that, most everyone in the party agrees.

What is increasingly worrisome are early warning signs for some Liberals that the party faces a far more serious problem at the grassroots than fatigue. Volunteers across the country, they suggest, are angry, frustrated and primed to sit on their hands in the next federal election, as they began to do during the campaign for last January's vote. [....]

Why Liberals Fear Global Warming More Than Conservatives Do Dennis Prager

[....] The usual liberal responses -- to label a conservative position racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic or the like -- obviously don't apply here. So, liberals would have to fall back on the one remaining all-purpose liberal explanation: "big business." They might therefore explain the conservative-liberal divide over global warming thus: Conservatives don't care about global warming because they prefer corporate profits to saving the planet. [....]

Here are six more likely explanations

Liberals accused of deliberately delaying ethics bill

"Liberal senators appear to be threatening to hold up the Conservatives' accountability bill because its proposed $1,000 limitation on political donations would create problems for their party's fundraising and leadership convention this fall, the government Senate leader says.".....

Canadians should deluge senators with messages to not delay further, suggests W who brings this to readers' attention.


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