June 18, 2006

June 18, 2006: Various, Wente & Updates

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Another update: There are many items which I had trouble posting so ... too long but ..... that's life in the slow lane, a feature of life in the East.

A must read

Licia Corbella: Dr. Mahfooz Kanwar -- Sociology prof warns multiculturalism 'creates nations within a nation' By Licia Corbella, "Divided Loyalties", June 16, 06

[....] Most Canadians and many Muslims would applaud Dr. Kanwar's righteous outburst. But guess which of the two men is no longer welcome at the Sarcee Tr. S.W. mosque?

Not the intolerant, hate-spewing semi-literate. No, it's Dr. Kanwar who's persona non grata. [....]

Chretien on a 'blind search,' says judge, refusing access to Gomery inquiry papers June 17, 2006

The former prime minister, his former public works minister, Alfonso Gagliano, and Jean Pelletier, his ex-chief of staff, asked for access to documents that focused on making policy recommendations to the government. The documents, their lawyers argued, might prove Justice John Gomery's findings were biased.

Redefining 'Diversity' Andrew Coyne, NatPost, June 17, 06

[....] Let us insist on the separation of culture and state, neither promoting one culture nor many.

[....] Let us say no to group rights, special status, and the endless exemptions of particularism. And let us say yes to a society whose solidarity is built on the sturdy foundation of the individual -- the individual, not as the alienated atom of caricature, but as the unique point of intersection of all those multiple group identities of which each of us is composed.

The folly of multiculturalism is not its insistence on "diversity," but rather its narrow definition of diversity. Identity politics is not really about differences between groups, but rather enforcing sameness within the group. That's as true of Muslims, under pressure from fundamentalists to conform to their definition of a "good Muslim," as it is of Quebec nationalists.

Lorne Gunter: Native law-breaking shouldn't pay NatPost, June 17, 2006

[....] Earlier this week, Six Nations chiefs and clan mothers knew the whereabouts of seven suspects sought by the OPP on more than 20 counts of violence connected to the standoff, but refused to reveal their location. Worse than that, the elders had actually decided to take the law into their own hands, removing the seven from the reserve to a secret location "for the safety of all involved."

In short, there is reason to believe the elders abetted these suspects, and they still refuse to co-operate with the OPP.

The seven are not wanted for minor traffic infractions or mischief. There are warrants for their arrest for offences ranging from grand theft to assault and attempted murder (trying to run down an OPP officer).

If your neighbours, friends or cousins were wanted for similar offences, and you decided to conceal them from police, do you think your actions would be shrugged off so readily by authorities?

Manitoba First Nations plan to block rail lines -- Hope to raise awareness of land claims Kristine Owram, Canadian Press, June 16, 2006

Chief Terry Nelson of the Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation.

[...] for 24 hours

[...] plans to block two lines.

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs supports the blockade, and Nelson said First Nations in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. are also talking about getting involved.

[...] 6,000 land claims [...] unfortunate that we have to create a crisis in order for the government to respond to anything.''

[...] deserve a bigger share of Canada's resource revenue.

"The people who immigrated to our lands didn't bring the diamonds with them in their little wooden boats.
They didn't bring the zinc, the iron, the oil, the timber or any of the other resources that every Canadian can depend upon,'' he said. [....]

Did Caledonia have anything to do with why they believe this will work? That they will get what they want? ... Simple. Blackmail works in Ontario, Canada.

Kevin Sweeney: Mavericks Owner Cuban Backs Investigative Business Journalism Site June 16, 06

[....] Aside from Carey's original work, ShareSleuth.com will feature contributions from freelancers, researchers and burned investors themselves.

"Doing this online creates a canvas that is both national and international," Carey says. "There are so many documents and resources available via the Internet. It's a great reporting medium."

With the movement online, ShareSleuth.com will encompass a multimedia approach that will push the interactive side of investigative journalism. [....]

End of latest update.

Updates and reader comments:

Re: CML has left a new comment on your post June 13, 2006: Nobody asked me ... about this superhighway.

Unfortunately, the link didn't work for me -- so I searched "youmbkidding clinton" and found the following:

Next Time You Worry About What the World "Thinks" of Us... June 02, 2006, Blogmeister USA [?]

...remember these words of wisdom from the Good Lieutenant over at Mein Blogovault:

Do we just sit here paralyzed becasue somebody is upset or "has an opinion of us?" Were they upset on September 10, 2001? 9-11 was hatched starting in 1998, and Clinton (the man that made us "beloved" to the "world") couldn't stop it from happening with his schmoozing with international leaders and pariahs. Somebody was already ........


Readers might sense something familiar in this .....

Richard Lamm: Plan to Destroy America Blogmeister USA, May 10, 06

[....] Next to last, I would place all subjects off limits ~ make it taboo to talk about anything against the cult of 'diversity.' I would find a word similar to 'heretic' in the 16th century - that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking. Words like 'racist' or 'x! xenophobes' halt discussion and debate.

Having made America a bilingual/bicultural country, having established multi-culturism, having the large foundations fund the doctrine of 'Victimology,' I would next make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I would develop a mantra: That because immigration has been good for America, it must always be good. I would make every individual immigrant symmetric and ignore the cumulative impact of millions of them. [....]

No-one would ever say this applied to Canada ..... would they?

The Ann Coulter "Godless" Flap Blogmeister USA, June 09, 2006

Ann Coulter has the hounds nipping at her heels. And, after some of you read this, you may be nipping at mine.

In her new book Godless: The Church of Liberalism, Ann Coulter takes on the Jersey Girls in her usual, take-no-prisoners style:

A group of New Jersey 9/11 widows [....]

Coulter usually riles a few people with her writings, but this really raised the roof. Not only are those on the left decrying her comments, but there are plenty of those on the right who disagree with her as well. Coulter is receiving equal opportunity condemnation.

Naturally, she is unapologetic. She always stands behind what she says and writes. But is she truly wrong? Writing for WorldNetDaily , Kevin McCullough thinks not. [....]

Soon the book burning? ... Maybe it is happening now, as we speak.

Great..... Liberals want to ban Books now ? posted by timwest, 6/14/2006 10:38:19

Ann Coulter banned in New Jersey?

[....] Best-sellers were once made by being banned in Boston.

Now a pair of New Jersey state legislators are trying to ban a book already atop the best-sellers list.

Once again, the book stirring all the controversy is Ann Coulter's "Godless: The Church of Liberalism."

Heather Reisman owner of Indigo won't stock the latest periodical--the name? ... is it Harpers? ... Anyway, some magazine that deals with stereotypes, I believe, but they show at least some of the Mohammed cartoons. Would that result from fear of repercussions from the peaceful ones? Or is it because of the multicult mantras?

Censorship and the art of outrage June 13, 2006 12:00 AM Page A23

The cover of the current Harper's magazine is a hilarious collage of today's most offensive stereotypes. There's a Red Indian with a tomahawk, a big-lipped black person, a slitty-eyed Chinaman with buck teeth, and a swine-faced priest feeling up an altar boy. There's a wild-eyed fanatic (obviously Muslim) with a turban and a bloody knife, and a big-nosed Jew with a dollar sign curling out of his cigar. ....

You have to subscribe.

Dissent Verboten

Margaret Wente: Another day in the life of a burka-bashing white oppressor June 15, 06, June 15, 06, Page A19

[....] invited to speak at a symposium at the University of Toronto. The subject was the impact that the arrests of 17 people on terrorism charges might have on multiculturalism ....

The other speakers agreed that Islamic extremism -- not multiculturalism -- is the real issue. The most aggressive was the Muslim Canadian Congress's Tarek Fatah, who warned that too many imams are dripping Wahhabist poison into young men's ears.Then came question time. [....]

[...] Rinaldo Walcott, who holds a Canada Research Chair in Social Justice and Cultural Studies. [....] He denounced the entire proceedings as a racist exercise in colonialist discourse that objectified the "other" ... denounced me .... stalked dramatically from the room. (Big applause.) So much for free and open debate on campus.

[....] a U of T professor. "You can't dissent. It's not tolerated." [....]

Not for the first time, I thanked the Mother Goddess that I'd passed on a career in academe, where the children of the middle class now flock to pursue degrees in social justice and cultural studies. There, they spend their parents' hard-earned money to learn that Western civilization is the root of all evil, and that the real oppressors of burka-clad women are people like me. Later on, I left a message for Prof. Walcott asking whether we could discuss what he had said. But he never called back.

Welcome to the modern discussion and question period at universities, townhalls and forums. Who awarded "Rinaldo Walcott, who holds a Canada Research Chair in Social Justice and Cultural Studies"? ... Who funds that chair? Taxpayers?

Memo to MSM: Worth looking further ....... but that would not serve certain interests, would it?

What is it I've heard some people say? When you've got them by the ****s, their hearts and minds will follow. After a generation of universities being infiltrated by leftists, after students have been encouraged to assume an inordinate debt load at the beginnings of their careers, if they want to work and pay it off, to say nothing of getting high marks, their pronouncements and their--politically correct--hearts and minds will follow.

The leftist chickens have come home to roost and, having elected leftists and mush mouthed Liberals for years, the universities are full of their bilge. Their teachings have been funded by Canadian taxpayers under various programs. Can it even be changed since we've brought up and taught a generation who mouth this stuff and don't seem to think the whole thing through?

It sounds as though our universities, now hotbeds of left-speak, have joined the MSM / mothercorps industry, the racism industry, the poverty industry, the root causes and global guilt gang industry, plus assorted international agencies for more of globalization industry / industries (think world court, global rights, global citizen and the like) to be shoved down their throats. ....... Well?

Update--another link for this: June 13, 2006: Memory Lane: Haiyang Zhang -- or here

See Christmas News: Toronto Waterfront Audit, Zhang, Lafleur, Military Purchase, DART, Hillier-Airbus-Build in China? Steel, Arms Sales to China? December 27, 2005

Why would a relatively new immigrant from China be hired to work in the Privy Council Office ... later fired by Alex Himmelfarb? Paul Waldie, Dec. 23, 05, Globe and Mail

Update and Related: on the media and the Blackberries

June 16, 2006: Justice? Notorious police Sgt. Hon Shum / Hon Kwing Shum

FHTR May 21-27, 2006: Scroll to May 24, 2006: #1 -- or comment in small dead animals, here

Last week at the Liberal caucus meeting they had to ban blackberries and cell phones when one of the Liberals was caught blackberrying Bob Fife on speed dial DURING the meeting to give him a leak.

I read that a lid has been placed on the leaky pot lately. There is no pot so crooked that you can't find some lid to fit it ... as my dearest auntie used to say. (Maybe she meant it for me?)

Related to: June 15, 2006: Drugs, Gangs, Whistleblowers ...

and articles related to the work Rob Stenhouse and others were doing on gangs, drugs, and how to combat this -- also links that have changed and a new report on the RCMP April 2006

FHTR May 21-27, 2006: Five men arrested in drug bust off Vancouver Island detained -- Update also, on the "Canadian-registered Western Wind was carrying 2,500 kilograms of cocaine" Scott Sutherland, May 24, 06 -- or CNEWS source here

Harper ain't rollin' in the dough Bill Rogers, Sun Ottawa, Jun. 15, 06

He may be the prime minister, but Stephen Harper is just an ordinary Canadian when it comes to personal wealth.

Unlike his multimillionaire predecessor, Paul Martin, Harper has no vast holdings in shipping companies or real estate. In fact, according to documents filed with the ethics commissioner, the Conservative PM has no assets or liabilities that would put him in a conflict of interest and no investments or business interests that need to be sold or held in a blind trust.

How refreshing ... but the MSM will discuss his weight gain which seems to affect most politicians who have to attend social events where someone's Aunt Mary would be offended if he didn't try her ... whatever. Personally, I like men who are more concerned with the job and governing than with working out in a gym and schmoozing with other millionaires. Besides, I've heard Laureen is a good cook with a great sense of humour. Maybe he just laughs a lot at home. Every PM should have a helpmate who serves a laugh along with the cookies.

Quebec cop shot June 14, 2006

ST-SULPICE, Que. (CP) - A brief but bloody doorstep shootout left one police officer wounded and a suspect dead after a Quebec provincial police tactical team tried to serve a warrant early Wednesday.

[....] the brown house, which has two Mercedes cars and a boat in its large front yard in this community just northeast of Montreal.

[....] outlaw biker gangs.

Related: posts last week on RCMP Sgt. Stenhouse, biker gangs and reports of what appear to have been triad members imported to Canada from Hong Kong and probably other areas such as Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc. (Read, McAdam and others).

# June 16, 2006: Justice? Notorious police Sgt. Hon Shum / Hon Kwing Shum ...
# June 15, 2006: Drugs, Gangs, Whistleblowers ...
# June 15, 2006: Stenhouse & Read
# June 15, 2006: Stenhouse had been a top undercover officer ...

June 14, 06, the Globe and Mail had an article on one group of Canadian Shia Muslims' moving toward awakening*, some imams, ... but then I read further. Check what a Montreal imam said re Afghanistan and Muslims in Canada. Note, not Sunnis, not Wahhabis ... yet, it is a start.

* See article: "Muslim clerics decry violence" by Ingrid Peritz, G&M, A8

A micromanaging mayor?

Mayor Miller micromanaging Toronto terror news? By Judi McLeod & Doug Hagmann, Monday, June 12, 2006 -- a credible job of reporting, too.

[....] The entire investigation, which predated the arrests by two years, was conducted in absolute secrecy. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper did not know that the raid was to take place on Friday, June 2, nor says Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty did he.

But somebody spilled the beans that could have jeopardized the covert operation.

Toronto Mayor David Miller knew. [....]

Search: Michelle Shephard , "community sources" , national security issues , accusing Toronto police of racial profiling. , sued The Star , between Toronto Police and The Star

Suggestion: Read this one to the end.

Security trumps all, crown tells top court

Kirk Makin, G&M A9, June 15, 06

Amnesty International, Canadian Bar Association, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the University of Toronto, Canadian Council for Refugees -- All were at the court to intervene on behalf of those who dislike the security certificates. The SCOC says security tops all .......

Even after that decision, I still want to know how many intervenors were representing those of us who want much tougher immigration checks--an end to so-called refugees who had documents to get on a plane, landed without them and mouthed the sacred "refugee" words, thereby able to batten on Canadian taxpayers--that is, those of us who want more security?

Under the Liberal government(s) there was taxpayer money funding the Court Challenges Program. Were any of the above groups or lawyers able to avail themselves of that taxpayer money?

It's official...Bush was telling the truth! -- "Many such reports have not been covered by the mainstream media and have been available primarily from talk radio, conservative publications and online sources. The evidence is substantive and warrants careful study and wide exposure." bdoggins, 6/17/2006 12:57:18

Since the invasion of Iraq, a great deal of evidence has accumulated about Saddam’s possession of WMD’s and his close ties to Al Qaeda. ....

[....] Supporting the contention of the existence of WMD’s in Iraq, General Al-Tikriti, a former commander for Saddam, confirmed in an interview with author Ryan Mauro in May 2006, that arrangements were made between Baghdad and Damascus for Iraqi WMD’s to be stored in Syria under Russian oversight prior to the invasion by Coalition forces. Al-Tikriti, who defected prior to the Gulf War, continued to maintain contact with weapons scientists in Iraq. In addition, statements by former Under Secretary of Defense John Shaw corroborate, through British and Ukrainian sources, the involvement of Russian special forces in Iraq in moving WMD’s to Syria. Further confirmation has been obtained from retired Iraqi General Georges Sada, as well as from former chief of Romanian intelligence, Ion Pacepa; Israeli intelligence; Chinese communications to Germany and the reports of a Syrian journalist who defected to France. [....]

Details here: Bush Did Not Lie Janet Levy, June 16, 2006


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