June 19, 2006

June 19, 2006 Various

Governments--note that "s"-- have known since at least 1968.

N.B. government hid lead contamination: Conservation Council -- Belledune smelter -- June 15, 06

[....] ... lead, cadmium, and arsenic ....

The council said it obtained government documents that trace a legacy of denial and neglect dating back to the 1960s, two years after the lead smelter complex opened in the small rural community on the Bay of Chaleur.

It found the federal government had discovered high lead levels around the Belledune school in 1968, which was just hundreds of metres away from the smelter. [....]

Rakesh Saxena Fugitive banker: Canada full of "idiots" --When it was pointed out that Canadian taxpayers have likely spent many millions in court and legal fees processing his extradition, Saxena said "that's because of the stupidity of your government." Terry Theodore, June 15, 06

[....] to fight allegations by the Thai government that he embezzled $88 million from a Bangkok bank.

[....] "The jail thing isn't so hard," he said.

"It's Canadians who are spoiled, who keep complaining. But where I come from, the food is good, everything is fine."

With access to law books and a library, Saxena has filed a flurry of lawsuits from jail, including a multi-million dollar action against his former lawyer.

Canada's taxpayers provide.

Ignatieff lambastes opponents -- Afghan mission must not be abandoned, front-runner for Liberal leadership insists

G&M June 17, 2006, A17: Timothy Carson Ash: Burma's solitary existence. "If Aung San Suu Kyi doesn't give up, we have no right to." -- Myanmar / Burma

Ash is Prof. of European Studies at Oxford.

[.... The] Burmese generals run one of the worst states in the world, spending some 40 percent of the country's budget on the military while most of their people live in poverty and disease [....]

As the Czech writer Milan Kundara famously observed, "the struggle of man against ower is the struggle of memory against forgetting"

Search: UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari , AIDS or heroin addiction , NLD , Communist China , India

I seem to recall that one of our Quebec companies is working on something in Myanmar? Is it Bombardier? SNC Lavalin? Check further.

Davieshipyard Sold To Teco Of Norway nicklan, May 27, 06, CNEWS Forum thread -- Is it too late for this comment? There may be other information worth checking ... or not.

Mr. Harper if you look at this as what is best for Canada and Canadians, you will stop this sale now, and sell to a Canadian!

Indonesia: Bashir Urges Muslims to Jihad lgf, June 16, 06

In yesterday’s story about Indonesian radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir’s call for George W. Bush to convert to Islam, the Associated Press quoted an “expert” who assured us that although Bashir may be very popular among Indonesian youths, she didn’t believe his freedom increased the risk of terrorism.

Sidney Jones, a leading international expert on Jemaah Islamiyah, said she did not think Bashir’s freedom increased the threat of bombings in Indonesia. [.... See below for more on Jones.]


Today, Bashir urges Muslims to fight.

INDONESIAN hardline cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has told a Muslim congregation to fight for Islam and ignore criticism branding those involved in the struggle as terrorists.

Bashir, who Western and regional intelligence officials say was once spiritual leader of the al-Qaeda linked Jemaah Islamia (JI) militant network, was freed on Wednesday after serving a prison sentence over the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

In a sermon today at the Al-Mukmin Islamic school [....]

The AP “expert” quoted in the first article above works for another NGO funded by George Soros: International Crisis Group - Jones, Sidney. And her resumé includes work for Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

Related: posted on FHTR, June 12, 06

Peter Spiegel: Indonesia Tells the U.S. It Has an Image Problem -- Rumsfeld gets an unusually blunt lecture on the war on terrorism from a key ally Times Staff Writer, June 7, 2006

Turning the Taliban to our side -- Program offers immunity in exchange for co-operation Graeme Smith, June 17, 06, G&M

[....] The commander of Canada's battle group in southern Afghanistan [Lieutenant-Colonel Ian Hope ] first met Mullah Mohammed Ibrahim, 45, after Mr. Ibrahim woke up from a coma at the Canadian hospital at Kandahar airfield, where he was dumped unconscious at the gate last month.

[....] “It was God and the Canadians who saved my life,” [...]

Earlier this week, Mr. Ibrahim signed up for the Peace Through Strength program, which offers Taliban immunity from prosecution in exchange for co-operation. Led by former Afghan prime minister Sibghatullah Mujaddidi, PTS is a mechanism designed to help low-level or mid-level Taliban members to give up their weapons and find legitimate work. [....]

Good show!

Youth terror suspect ‘frightened' by possible fate -- Fifteen-year-old charged in terror plot from good family, says lawyer 16/06/06 G&M

My heart bleeds .....

The rest more or less go together.

CBC News television 2006/2007: A wonderful mix of new and old ideological bias Jun 15, 2006

[....] Despite the study finding that Canadians believe CBC to be the most biased network, Burman has offered nothing within the CBC launch literature to correct, let alone address the bias problem. [....]

Most notable: The Hour, hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos, [....]

Strombo’s targets are almost 100% conservative in political nature. In fact, there exists no balance of ideas anywhere within this program nor is there any counterbalance to the ongoing bias of the show at CBC. [....]


Double disturbing: Also CBC has commissioned the same Terrence McKenna to produce The Secret History of 9/11. Described as “a minute-by-minute inside account of the attacks on New York's World Trade Center,” it will no doubt be crammed full of innuendo and "controversy" as other McKenna recreations have gone before it on the CBC. More McKenna spin from the CBC is just what Canadians ordered as Burman’s liberal interpretation of his study would attest! [....]

Are our young people not ignorant enough? Canada, too, may join Eurabia

CBS, ABC, CBC and ... al-Jazeera? Grant Robertson, June 15, 06

[....] With the Arabic-language channel from Qatar now looking to operate an English-language spinoff, the new venture -- al-Jazeera International -- wants a regular spot on Western TV next to CNN, Fox News, CBC Newsworld, CTV Newsnet and the BBC.

[....] Only Quebecor's cable arm, Vidéotron Ltée., has been receptive so far, eyeing a growing population in Quebec with Middle Eastern roots that it believes would be a strong market for AJI.

[....] AJI has been recruiting former staffers of CBC Newsworld, CTV and Global, as well as tapping large U.S. and British networks for journalists and researchers.

[....] Kimberly Halkett, a former White House correspondent for Global Television; Richard Gizbert, who worked for CTV in Toronto and ABC in the U.S.; and former TSN and CBC anchor Brendan Connor have joined in the past few months. A handful of Canadian researchers and producers are also behind the scenes in Washington. [....]

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s planning document, ... Text of al-Zarqawi Safe-House Document. ... His first recommendation to deal with the increased success of coalition forces: use the media. lgf, June 15, 06. via newsbeat1

And the mainstream media are so compliant ....... so willing ........ so trained at our own universities in leftist ideology: left-speak / socialist-speak / UN-speak.......... (Commie-speak?)

Canada's hate-crimes legislation ....... the perfect tool of the left.

This is one reason I don't want Al Jazeera in Canada. Actually, I believe CBC would probably sponsor it if AJI would only play their $$$ cards right. Already [see above], AJI (Al Jazeera International which supposedly differs from its Dubai based parent company) has been poaching CTV and CBC journalists ... which may tell us much about their journalistic integrity.
I hate the idea of curbing freedom of speech so what is the solution? In Canada, the young have been fed such a steady diet of political correctness, along with leftist and the UN types' global soft-headed thinking, that they now make a perfect audience for Al Jazeera (Osama's favourite), unable to muster what should be normal outrage over what threatens their freedoms. They are softened in their schools and rendered ripe for further control (note election shenanigans in the schools FHTR January) by leftists in their universities. What do they learn that would allow them to argue against hard left cant any more than they do over the pc MSM / Pravda bilge -- despite evidence before their eyes? Perhaps I am too pessimistic, but first, they need to learn to dissent without figuratively killing the dissenter, something Margaret Wente has tackled twice lately in her columns.

G&M June 15, 06: Another day in the life of a burka-bashing white oppressor [See "Dissent Verboten" posted June 18, 06]

G&M June 17, 06, A17: Campus diversity -- yeah and I'm Queen of the May -- re Margaret Somerville

Our universities are supposed to be bastions of free thinking and reasoned debate. But, these days, nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes, it seems they'll celebrate every kind of diversity except diversity of opinion. That kind of diversity must be stamped out. And dissent from the prevailing ideology will be interpreted as hate speech.

So it is in the Margaret Somerville affair [....]

Not for nothing have modern universities been called islands of repression in a sea of freedom. If you're really interested in diversity, you'll have to look somewhere else.

Related: FHTR May 15, 2006: Bud & More

Search: How to win friends and influence voters, the race industry adherents
Forum: comment from Bugs, May 9, 06

[Note, this link no longer is viewable [www.voy.com/178771/9703.html] but it was on this forum: www.voy.com/178771/ -- so I am including a small digression to a current post on diversity of opinion and Dr. Margaret Somerville:

STOP Ryerson from honouring homophobia , 06/17/06 Sat

Not socially conservative -- Supports abortion, 20:32:02 06/16/06

[.... Somerville] she's not a radical, but neither is she a social conservative.

But that's not the point. The point is the intolerance of homosexual activists ... it seems to me to be evident. Your post suggests that they are justified, that you just shouldn't have anybody getting honorary degrees if they do not support the more extreme forms of gender politics. ]

So, I took a night school course at Ryerson, called "Issues in Human Rights." Summarizing, what I found was an organized set of legal assumptions, coupled with an apparatus and a strategy of penetrating the Courts systems. The goal is immensely totalitarian.

[....] Ignatieff, btw, is one of their intellectual icons, and refers to 'human rights speak' without irony, to indicate how differently they use words. It's hard to summarize, but one of the techniques is to bring in a new standards of judgement. For example, in the old days, 'equality' was a matter everyone having a basic chance, the OPPORTUNITY, and it was felt to be totally illegitimate to prevent people from having the opportunity to pursue their own happiness due to matters of race. But now, it is a matter of RESULT.

[....] Human Rights Commissions solution would be to order, [....]

And not a law has changed! [....]

Here is a post that would seem to fit here -- re: immigration / refugees

I had reason to scroll down this post: FHTR Aug. 28, 2005 to Sept. 3, 2005: HIV-positive refugees accepted into Canada are not a threat to public safety and are not a drain on the public health care system, Citizenship and Immigration Sept. 3, 05

Link no longer available but -- pay for it here London Free Press: Refugee policy defended -- HIV-positive refugees accepted into Canada are not a threat to public safety and are not a drain on the public health care system, Citizenship and ... Sun Media, Sept. 3, 05 -- or Crittermusings: September 2005: Since when has health care NOT been part of "life, liberty, and security"? ... OTTAWA -- HIV-positive refugees accepted into Canada are not a threat to public ...

They're Kidding,Right? [Sun Media, Sept. 3, 2005]

[....] OTTAWA -- HIV-positive refugees accepted into Canada are not a threat to public safety and are not a drain on the public health-care system, Citizenship and Immigration says.

The federal department was responding to a Sun Media report this week about statistics that show the government approves refugee status to hundreds of HIV-positive newcomers to Canada.

Recently released national statistics obtained through Access to Information by immigration lawyer Richard Kurland show that between January 2002 and October 2003 some 300 HIV-positive refugees from around the globe were accepted into Ontario.

Another 150 settled in Quebec, with 35 in B.C., 20 in Alberta and a handful in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia.

The part I find interesting is the fact they state they won't be a drain on the Health Care system. Okay. So what system IS going to pay for their drugs to control the HIV,and if it does develop into AIDS,which system is going to pay for that? Is there a secret HIV/AIDS health care system hiding out there somewheres? Must be. If not, I really want to know who is going to look after these people. I agree they are not a danger to the general public, but they ARE sick people, and I thought that the health care system took care (sometimes) of sick people. Did I miss something recently? [....]

Canadians, are you supposed to get in line behind ........ ? How dumb did the politically correct ones think we were? I suppose the votes to return the Liberals for most of the last half century convinced them that we were brain dead ...... or was there an altogether more sinister purpose to all this? Who in government would have made this decision anyway? My cynicism rages ...... Does anyone else's?


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