June 22, 2006

June 22, 2006: AG: Foundations Hiding Tax $$$ From Public Scrutiny

The following deals with the possible abuse of taxpayers' money, since the public is not informed. There is a reason for posting this today, though the reasons will become clear only later, perhaps.

Auditor General: Billions of tax dollars held by foundations out of public scrutiny Annual Report 2003-2004 .pdf -- primetimecrime.com, Feb. 28, 05. Assume [....] after each.

OTTAWA - Auditor General Sheila Fraser is raising the alarm over billions of taxpayer dollars channelled into arms-length government foundations not subject to public scrutiny. The lack of oversight means it's possible foundation money could be misused in the same way tax dollars were wasted in the sponsorship scandal, warned opposition MPs. (CP)

In the government report Accountability of Foundations the following foundations are identified..

Aboriginal Healing Foundation
Board of Directors
[www.ahf.ca/newsite/english/about/board.shtml -- check biographies also]

Canadian Foundation for Climate & Atmospheric Sciences (CFCAS)
Board of Trustees [Check businesses, if any.]

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities (ICRML) [worth checking -- Univ. of Moncton ]
[www.umoncton.ca/icrml ]
Board of Directors

Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technologuy [sic -- Technology]
Board of Directors
James M. Stanford – Chairman

President, Stanford Resource Management; Retired President and CEO, Petro-Canada and sits on the boards of EnCana Corporation, Inco Limited, NOVA Chemicals, OPTI Canada Inc, Terasen Inc.
among others. [....]

Note: There is a misspelling within the list for the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation: Alexandre Trudau [sic -- Trudeau]

In fact, it is useful to check these foundations and their boards (if you don't happen to travel with them, in the right circles) to find out which groups, foundations and agencies are peopled with or connected to ... businesses / academics /studies / reports / university initiatives / international agencies, councils and the like ... which are connected to or are headed by ... persons of interest ...

Do note the cross-pollination of directors for these foundations ... and some familiar family names: Rae, Desmarais, for example, along with recurring themes: Millennium, "Sustainable Development", climate, health , minority language ...

Does anyone else note a certain pattern, a familiarity, perhaps even a nexus with the Liberal Party, to taxpayer-funded foundation directorships? ... Businesses, appointments, awards for selfless public service in Canada and ........ ties to the former Liberal government(s). It almost seems as though, if citizens were not Red Tories (Liberals within the Conservative Party) from Ontario-Quebec with the odd one thrown in from the East or the West, that they are not considered for these foundations. But surely, I must be wrong ........ must be too cynical .......

Screen Capture:

Why would Canadian taxpayers be paying into the PET Foundation, for example? Is there a foundation, the name of which is intended to honour any former Conservative Prime Minister? Consider those listed, then ask: why are taxpayers contributing to a foundation which appears to be representative of leftists/Liberals, for the most part?

There are other screen captures which could be included -- but check PrimeTimeCrime.com, then input the link above.


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