June 28, 2006

June 28, 2006: Aly Hindy, MSM Omissions & "Activists"

A dialogue with Imam Hindy.... -- Gay and Right: I received today via e-mail an exchange of e-mail to and from Imam Hindy in Toronto. June 12, 2006

First, here is the letter that was sent to him:

[.... and then Aly Hindy's reply in which he includes this bit of information designed to settle our fears ....]

I have contributed personally to many engineering projects in Ontario in the power generation Industry.

If you look at the allegations, apart from criminal charges for 3 individuals of smuggling guns to be sold in Toronto lucrative market (Muslim community like any other community including yours have some criminals), the whole case of terrorism is hanging on one simple question. That is who & how those 3 tons of fertilizers.
If the government fails to prove the one of those individuals ordered the fertilizers, the whole case will fall apart.

Now I am asking you, why for the heaven sake the government did not wait until those guys bought the fuel oil and bring the wiring and the trucks and captured them red handed specially when the police already changed the fertilizers to an un-harmful material.

My friend the case is politically motivated specially the timing of the arrest.

The moment, I saw those individuals in the court, which I know nine of them, I realized that this case is made up. In no way by knowing the personality of some of those individuals, they can not be in this and they can not be together in a group.

I can assure you that we are peace loving people [....]

..... and every one of these peace-loving boys prays at the mosque, I'll wager .....

You just have to read the logic and wonder who hired him .....

[Pew Poll on] How Muslims Think -- Survey of World's Muslims Yields Dismaying Results

How do Muslims worldwide think?

To find out, the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press [.... results]
Its themes can be grouped under three rubrics.

A proclivity to conspiracy theories: In not one Muslim population polled does a majority believe that Arabs carried out the attacks of September 11, 2001, on America. [....]

Likewise, Muslims are widely prejudiced against Jews, [....]

This conspiracism points to a widespread unwillingness in the umma to deal with realities, preferring the safer bromides of plots, schemes, and intrigues. It also exposes major problems adjusting to modernity.

Support for terrorism: [....]

British and Nigerian Muslims are most alienated: [....]

[....] The situation in Britain reflects the "Londonistan" phenomenon, whereby Britons preemptively cringe and Muslims respond to this weakness with aggression.

Nigerian Muslims generally have the most belligerent views on such issues as the state of Western-Muslim relations, the supposed immorality and arrogance of Westerners, and support for Mr. bin Laden and suicide terrorism. This extremism results, no doubt, from the violent state of Christian-Muslim relations in Nigeria.

[....] Overall, the Pew survey sends an undeniable message of crisis from one end to the other of the Muslim world.

Jane Perlez The New York Times: Women caught in a more radical Indonesia They want Shariah Law in Ontario -- posted on CNEWS Forum: toryblue, 6/27/2006 19:06:49 and timwest, 6/27/2006 11:23:42

TANGERANG, Indonesia [....] She wore green pants, a denim jacket, beige sandals with modest heels, burgundy lipstick and penciled eyebrows. Her black hair flowed freely, unencumbered by a head scarf, the sign of a religious Muslim woman that is increasingly prevalent in Indonesia but not mandatory.

In a now widely recounted incident, Lindawati, 36, was hustled into a government van that clammy February evening by brown-uniformed police, known as tranquillity and public order officers.

"They put about 20 of us in the police station and then went out again to target the hotels," she said, telling the story as she sat on the floor of her family's two-room, $12-a-month rental, her husband beside her.

She was charged with being a prostitute under a new local law forbidding lewd behavior, and in an unusual public hearing attended by local dignitaries and residents, she was sentenced with some of the other women to three days in jail. [....]

Globeandmail.com : Video distributed outside mosque praised 9/11 -- Aly Hindy of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre ... the mosque is named for the 12th Century Muslim warrior Saladin ...

July 25, 05: Comments on: Aly Hindy must have missed the Memo

Jihadist video aimed at Muslim youth -- "Muhammad Robert Heft, a Canadian convert to Islam, said he was given a copy of the video by Fahim Ahmed, one of 17 people arrested on June 2.

The video offers a chilling glimpse inside the jihadist mind and is intended as a wake-up call to Muslim youth in Canada." ....

Aly Hindy, the imam of the Salaheddin mosque, says he knew nothing of the matter, adding that he has no control over what people hand out in the parking lot.
cbc.ca, June 20, 06

Note the slant given to this meeting at the beginning; then read to the end. Kristen Vernon, June 24, 06

But Goldring said there wasn’t any mention of civil liberties and foreign policy until the eve of the meeting – and that’s a discussion he doesn’t feel would meet the stated objectives of finding ways to strengthen Muslims’ ties with the rest of society.

“In a community meeting you want to find out what you can do at the community level and overall demonstrate to the greater Canadian public that they really want to be part of the resolve,” he said.

“You’re not going to get there by discussing foreign policy in Palestine.”

Goldring knew what they were planning ... smart MP.

On June 15th, CCD released audio recordings of Sheikh Riyadh ul-Haq in which he is calling for martyrdom and jihad while presenting Hindus, Jews and tolerant Muslims as enemies of Islam.

You may wish to send your own message about whether this Sheikh is welcome to rouse the easily-roused in Canada.

(Hon. Monte Solberg) Solberg.M@parl.gc.ca
(Prime Minister Stephen Harper) Harper.S@parl.gc.ca
(Hon. Stockwell Day) Day.S@parl.gc.ca

CCD's call to Canadian Muslim groups: Challenge ul-Haq now!


Ottawa, Canada, Wednesday, 28 June, 2006 - Six well-known Muslim organizations held a press conference in Ottawa on June 8, 2006 in which they issued a joint commitment to take a leadership role in challenging extremism". We look forward to these groups publicly challenging the extremist message of Britain's Sheikh Riyadh ul-Haq who has been invited to Canada to "educate" Muslim youth, and to publicly call on the government to bar his entry to Canada.

Sheikh ul-Haq's message is no secret. On June 15th, CCD released audio recordings of Sheikh Riyadh ul-Haq n which he is calling for martyrdom and jihad while presenting Hindus, Jews and tolerant Muslims as enemies of Islam. Many groups, including the CCD, Muslim Canadian Congress , Egale (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere), B'nai Brith Canada, Canadian Jewish Congress, Hindu Dharma Mission, and others have called on Immigration Minister Monte Solberg to exercise his prerogative to bar entry to Canada of those who promote hatred and violence, as Canada has done in the past with members of the Ku Klux Klan.

"It was an extremist message that turned young British Muslims into mass murderers," said Alastair Gordon, CCD president. "Minister Solberg has a duty to keep incitement out of Canada."

The six Muslim organizations that issued the statement on combatting Islamic extremism were the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association (CMCLA), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA), Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), Muslim Students Association - National (MSA-National), and the Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals (CAMP).

"It was reported that the local chapter of one of these Muslim organizations invited Sheikh Riyadh ul-Haq to speak to students at McMaster University," Gordon continued. "Now that actual audio recordings of the Sheikh's sermons have been made public, we hope that this organization and its co-signatories will join responsible Canadians in condemning ul-Haq's views and calling for a denial of his entry into Canada."

Unfortunately, ul-Haq's statements have been defended by some Canadian imams as being "taken out of context". However, there is no context that could explain away his comments about Hindus, Jews, moderate Muslims and homosexuals. Ul-Haq's call for martyrdom is unequivocal: "Among the believers there are those who ... are martyred in the way of Allah. And the rest of the believers, they are waiting for martyrdom. They are waiting for shahada [martyrdom]."

Canadians look forward to timely public action from the six Muslim organizations in keeping with their expressed opposition to extremism.

Founded in 2003, the Canadian Coalition for Democracies is a non-profit, non-partisan, educational think-tank dedicated to promoting democracy and freedom, and countering the ideologies that drive terrorism. CCD combines policy research, investigative journalism, education and strategic communications to support its mission.

Let your voice be heard in Ottawa! If you would like to send a message to Minister Monte Solberg, Minister Stockwell Day and Prime Minister Stephen Harper on this topic

[email addresses:

If you would like to comment on this statement or other topics relating to foreign policy or national security, please visit our public message forum and post your comments:

For more information, please contact:
David Ouellette
Director, Canadian Coalition for Democracies
Mobile: 514-704-8581
Office: 416-963-8998

A copy of the statement by the six Muslim organisations can be read at: http://www.caircan.ca/itn_more.php?id=2508_0_2_0_C

Audio recordings of Sheikh Riyadh Ul-Haq's sermons can be heard at: http://canadiancoalition.com/forum/messages/17082.shtml

A nasty piece of work may not be allowed into Canada

What's up with Sheik Riyadh ul-Haq? The government is clearly trying to do something, but what is it?

A controversial British cleric scheduled to speak in Toronto will not be allowed to board a plane until he speaks with Canadian officials in London.
Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq, a British citizen, [...]

[....] In an internal Air Canada memo obtained by the Toronto Star, which is addressed to at least one airline, gate security and ticket agents have been told not to allow ul Haq to board Air Canada planes. Instead, the memo says, the passenger must contact the Canadian High Commission in London, which issued the directive to Air Canada...

...Lesley Harmer, the [immigration] minister's director of communications, said, "Anyone who comes here and practises hate speech will be arrested and prosecuted under Canada's Criminal Code, and we don't welcome anyone that practises hate speech." [....]

Mark C.

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