June 26, 2006

June 26, 2006: Google spaced out?

Google Error

Try each of these links. The first is Google's listing; the second has one change.
FHTR Mar. 27, 05
Note that the url has a space.

Without the word SPACE but with a space after .com, it breaks to cover two lines, not one. The space creates a hard return.
frosthitstherhubarb.blogspot.com/ 2005_03_27_frosthitstherhubarb_archive.html

FHTR Mar. 27, 05
Without the space:

Also, I have started listing the url below the link in my blog since I discovered that several links had changed or been corrupted. Because links may be too long, I break them into two or three lines. Simply right click, copy, and place on one line by backspacing to remove the hard return(s).


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