June 28, 2006

June 28, 2006: Canada Day via a soldier

Canada Day via a member of Canada's Armed Forces:

Today I actually found time to read the news and came across a good story where the media actually accurately represented what is like to serve overseas, away from everything we cherish and hold dear. .... to remind everyone how much we should appreciate our amazing country, and all that it offers.

Please read the news article below. The message is simple – love and appreciate the beauty, amenities, and most importantly the safety and security that Canada offers. Secondly, appreciate what our CF members are sacrificing to directly contribute to a safer Canada and overall world. On this coming Canada Day weekend, have a toast to CANADA FIRST, and somewhere in your Canada Day celebrations also toast our military personnel serving overseas whilst we enjoy our cozy homes and loved ones here at home (be it a toast with a glass of clean Canadian water, or a brew or two or 24 ... ).


PS. If anyone is ever interested in yellow or camouflage “Support Our Troops” car magnets / rubber bracelets, you can order through Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency / Canex online at https://www.cfpsa.com/en/canex/wyn/

The proceeds go directly to benefitting troops overseas. The CFPSA do nice things like provide movies, magazines, gym equipment and much, much more for troops overseas and here at home. No, I don’t personally benefit in any way if you buy anything.

John Cotter: Canadian troops long for simple things June 27, 06

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CP) - For thousands of soldiers, celebrating Canada Day in the sweltering emptiness of the Afghanistan desert is at best a wistful experience of compare and contrast.

In the sprawling warren of dusty tents where 2,200 Canadian troops temporarily live, even the everyday things that people at home take for granted are nothing but memories here.

But framed by the bleak international coalition base, they become cherished memories.

"I miss the colours of Canada,"[....]

There's British beige, Canadian crud, Dutch drab, French frump, U.S. utility and Romanian rust.

Thanks to E -- and yes, I'll drink a toast to Canada's troops on Canada Day ... maybe more than one.


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