June 29, 2006

June 29, 2006: Mahmoud Jaballah

Terror suspect wants out of 'Guantanamo North' -- Kingston -- too hot for Egyptian national in Canada Allison Hanes, National Post, June 29, 2006

Terror suspect Mahmoud Jaballah complained yesterday of stifling heat, not being able to buy snacks and difficulty contacting his wife and six children since being moved to a new immigration holding centre in Kingston dubbed Guantanamo North.

Through his lawyer and in a recent affidavit, the Egyptian national aired his grievances in Federal Court in Toronto, as part of a renewed bid to be released from custody, this time asking to be put under house arrest. [Surely, there must be a liberal judge around .....]

A hearing to determine whether Mr. Jaballah's detention since August, 2001, on the basis of secret intelligence is reasonable was supposed to continue yesterday. But his lawyers requested anew that Judge Andrew Mackay postpone the proceedings until after the Supreme Court of Canada rules on the constitutionality of security certificates. [....]

Again, my heart bleeds for Jaballah in his discomfort ...


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