June 29, 2006

June 29, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn: Aly Hindy

Ali Hindy--An Islamic extremist hiding in plain view

We have our own hook-handed Al-Hamza. Al Hamza was the firebrand London Muslim imam, who wet-nursed a few of the world's most notorious terrorists. Some of our 17 Muslim youths, who were alleged to have wanted to slaughter thousands of Canadians, were members of Hindy's Salaheddin mosque in Toronto. He openly admits that he doesn't believe Muslims were behind the 9/11 attacks. Nor would he sign the declaration calling for Muslims to be moderate in their religious views ... also that none of those dear Toronto boys arrested were guilty. "I can tell", he told a CBC reporter. "The entire charge has been trumped up by the police to make Muslims look bad." He openly advises his huge congregation not to co-operate with CSIS or the local police in their investigations. He thinks the Taliban were great guys. Their support of al-Qaeda? "A small mistake in judgement". Mohamed Elmasry, the head of the Canadian Islamic Congress supports Hindy. But then a man who supports the terrorist murder of all Israelis over the age of 18 can get behind Ali's own enthusiasms.

Both men are extraordinarily dangerous; yet the government is paralyzed by political correctness. We cannot go immediately from apologizing to the Chinese for the head tax, then ship these hate mongering fanatics back to their homelands. Might lose some casbah section of Toronto in the next election. Forget the Chinese, Japanese, aboriginals. We have a new victim group, the Muslims, to placate. Yes, they came to the West by the millions--willing to drive a taxis, even if holders of a PhDs. No Westerner goes to their countries unless they can earn $120,000 for welding gas pipelines, along with an extremely good vacation package to get out after a few months ... and they are never seduced enough by the charms of Sudan, Saudi Arabia, or Algeria to consider permanently living there. We have allowed these Islamic peoples to settle here, with the implicit understanding that they will embrace our ideals of tolerance and democracy. It is becoming obvious that many Muslims here do not embrace these tenets. Rather a sizable minority, like their British brethern, despise Canadian culture. Rather than have their daughters become Canadian in attitudes, they would like to whip the sluttishly dressed Canadian girls off the street. From personal observation, they seem to be the most isolationist of our immigrants. But if you secretly dislike everything about Canada except the money, that is the way to go.

For once, CBC awakened from their liberal trance. They put on Ali Hindy to show just how these 17 Canadians could have conceived of murdering vast numbers of the people with whom they grew up. Hindy is pumping his congregation full of bogus grievances and distrust of Canadian culture. If we could finally get rid of Ernst Zundel, surely we can get rid of Aly Hindy. Or if he is a Canadian citizen, than convict him on hate crimes. We cannot afford this time bomb out there preaching his twisted logic and instigation to terrorism. Of course, the moderate Muslims should be the ones demanding that he be thrown out of the mosque. I am not betting on that outcome however. The fanatics know how to manipulate our sacred Charter. And any time they can muster five people with their "victim" placards in the streets of Toronto, CBC will be there to give them coverage.

© Bud Talkinghorn--While I applaud the CBC for airing this segment, they fell on bended knee to more open immigration.


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