June 29, 2006

June29, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn: Caledonia

What the liberal media omitted in the Caledonia dispute

An article in The Western Standard (June 19, 2006) called "Crashing it in Caledonia" exposed who were in the six buses that joined the natives' protest there. Not fellow natives as we all presumed. No, these people didn't come from neighbouring reserves; they all, in fact, come from Toronto. Their leftist agendas had nothing to do with the natives, intrinsically. They represented eight groups. The organizers of this pilgrimage were the Al-Awda Palestinian Right to Return Coalition. The other eight organizations were the University of Toronto's Arab Students' Collective, the anti-capitalist (their term) Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Ryerson University's CKLN community radio, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903, and the pro-open immigration group No One is Illegal.*

Not only did these lefties try to hijack the Native protest, but they were the instigators of the vandalism of the generator, which plunged Caledonia into darkness. These rabble rousers also helped ratchet up the confrontation between the protestors and the citizens of Caledonia. The Provincial Police had to send in the riot squad. The natives were flummoxed by this "support". I think they allowed them to stay only because the media never reported who they really were. Let Joe Canadian assume they were native brethern. Each of these radical groups had little clout, so they planned on attaching themselves to something that might actually have some legitimacy.

Now I'm not surprised at their social activist tactics, but I find it exceedingly strange that neither CBC or CTV investigated who these bussed-in supporters were. That was one informative sidebar they choose to ignore. The question all Canadians should be asking is "Why?" Especially in the case of CBC, which purports to be the voice of truth [trusted? connected? Well, maybe connected, but to the left and the activists.] about Canadian events. It simply drives home the belief that CBC's ideological stance is relentlessly left-wing. Shameful! CBC should be rebating the funds it collected to the conservative taxpayers of Canada. Then CBC can edit the news to their liberal constituents any way they want.

© Bud Talkinghorn--Worth noting was the participation by a Ryerson group, as they will make up our future jounalists. Leftward ho!

My Questions:

I am shocked, you hear, shocked ........

Ryerson teaches journalism? Producing the next generation of "journalists"? Maybe that answers my question about journalism and leftist activism in Canada.

"CBC, which purports to be the voice of truth": Trusted? Connected? Well, maybe connected, but to the left and to the activists -- not to reporting the whole truth.

Al-Awda Palestinian Right to Return Coalition: Were they the "activists" who created mahem at Concordia University when Benjamin Netanyahu was supposed to speak? And where the university/police allowed this denial of free speech to occur? Netanyahu's speech would not have been in the same category as Sheikh Riyadh ul-Haq's ravings.

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