June 29, 2006

June 29, 2006: Caledonia precedent

David Warren: McGuinty's Caledonia gambit sets catastrophic precedent

[....] Ontario's ruling politicians are congratulating themselves, because so far, thanks to their egregious cowardice, nobody in Caledonia has actually been killed. That is their standard for a successful result. It is a very odd standard. The same logic could be expressed in the sentence: "Until he kills you, you don't have a case."

It goes beyond this. There was an unambiguous court order for the police to remove the Six Nations blockades. It was ignored, by police and the politicians behind them. And since the last Superior Court hearing on June 16, the provincial government has been operating on the loopy legal theory that, by expropriating from its present owners the land Six Nations are claiming, and taking it "out of contention," the many violations of the Criminal Code that have already occurred become null and void. This is a legal theory unworthy of adults.

[....] passively accepting the wisdom of their social and ideological class, which holds that any expression of masculine assertion must necessarily be wrong. [....]


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