December 08, 2006

Dec. 8, 2006: Reading 101 - Between the lines

No early word on RCMP chief's flip flop: Day -- RCMP chief had 'no choice' but to come clean, Globe and Mail, Dec. 7, 06

Note the choice of language. Does it detract from or build confidence in the present government and maintain confidence in the rank and file, at least, of the RCMP? To allay citizens' fears -- that maybe corruption runs throughout the security force? Is that the purpose I am sensing? Is this balanced? Would you trust the choice of the majority of the Opposition MP's who actually could have accomplished what they are now "demanding" of the present PM, years ago ... Or is the gang creating a strong offence, before they have to go into defensive mode? ... But link, read the whole article and decide for yourself, after I draw your attention to what I noted.

[....] forced to resign ....

... he did not intentionally perjure himself ...

... Mr. Day ... denied [....]

Mr. Day also dismissed suggestions [....]

[....Liberal MP] Mark Holland accused Mr. Day ...

[....] Mr. Holland demanded [....]

[....] formal compensation discussions with Mr. Arar and his lawyers

[....] investigation into who specifically was responsible [....It won't take a Royal Commission to learn that it isn't the Conservative government, folks. I'm telling you for nothing ... though a cheque for half of what it usually costs would set me up for the winter.]

... Justice Dennis O'Connor's inquiry [....]

... speculation is rife [....]

Tim Killam, a former undercover drug cop ....

... Bev Busson in B.C., and Barbara George, originally from Newfoundland ... first female deputy commissioners ...

But Opposition MPs have called for someone outside the RCMP ranks to take the job in order to put a fresh face on the embattled forces.

Is the whole force "embattled"? Do Opposition MPs suddenly think the whole RCMP is tainted? If so, how did that happen since, less than a year ago, the Liberals had been in power and responsible for the RCMP for many years. Who should be blamed for the situation today? The present government? Ridiculous! Yet, note the language, whether it is designed to inform or to create an unwarranted response at this time, suspicion in readers.

Would I be remiss in suggesting that Opposition MPs might have someone in mind, someone from "outside the RCMP" who would take the job of reform, now that the media have assumed the whole force is tainted? Any suggestions? Who would be perfect?

Think about the qualifications for top cop, even one from outside the force:

* Language -- which linguistic group? From which province or territory? That's been settled ... or is it time for an aboriginal? ... Maybe an immigrant, recent, untainted, who would add a third language?

* Ethnicity -- preferably not white, in this era of diversity and multiculturalism ... perhaps an immigrant from some group subjected to profiling or racism? CBC could be a model, redressing the "balance" ... perhaps ... Maybe from Scarborough? Or Waterloo? Surrey or Northern Alberta's resource patch? Newfoundland - Labrador's developing area? The UN? Now, that would be inspired. And we have two UN-experienced women right here in Canada.

* Philosophy -- hold views acceptable to those Opposition MP's -- politically correct views -- The overseer of the RCMP must not allow profiling nor have the security services consider taking a second look at the activities of anyone from any group that has been involved in terrorist activities previously (racist, profiling) in searching for what could be dangerous activities. Prepare for little old ladies to be scrutinized more ... in the interest of security ... from the pc crowd's little red book on how to do pc policing sensitively. Sensitivity to the community? I hear there's an ex-MP underemployed. He's been on stress or is it a mental health break from public service ... but it would cover the need to have the West represented somewhere, sometime, somehow.

* Leftist -- no-one of a "hard right" philosophical bent need apply -- perhaps an "appointee" -- Watch for words like "root causes" and "sensitivity training" for cops -- Maybe they could prepare a booklet illustrating how normal (what we used to consider) thugs really are -- that they are simply misunderstood and if we would just get together for a pickup game ... or a motorcycle ride in the country with the gang ... Oh, the possibilities are endless.


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