December 06, 2006

Dec. 6, 2006: SSM & Globe Journalism

Is the Globe and Mail (BCE / Bell Globe Media) so negatively impacted as a result of the income trust decision--losing money or the potential to make even more--that it cannot explore in a balanced manner an issue over which reasonable, decent Canadians are divided? ... Or at least give it a less biased header?, entitled "Harper's shoddy motion", December 6, 2006, Page A30

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been trotting out argument after argument to justify his decision to resurrect the issue of same-sex marriage. He promised to do so, he says. It is time the House of Commons had a truly free vote on the matter, he says. And so, probably tomorrow, the Commons will be asked to "call on the government to introduce legislation to restore the traditional definition of marriage without affecting civil unions and while respecting existing same-sex marriages" -- which would leave the 12,000 gay and lesbian couples who have legally married in Canada as members of a stranded club.

There was an excellent defence of traditional marriage this afternoon on TV by a Liberal MP (?) MacKay, not Peter MacKay. Perhaps it was John MacKay. I heard about it only but he is supporting reconsideration of this issue which has ramifications far beyond the public, official acceptance of homosexual unions under the umbrella of ... whatever term is used ... and there will be ramifications for children, we know. Let the arguments pro and con be publicly debated without the ham-fist of a PM enforcing his will, as Paul Martin did for the last vote. Apparently MacKay was simply excellent. Surely, a national newspaper should explore all the arguments. Is money power the only God, now?


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