December 08, 2006

Dec. 8, 2006: Media Creativity 101

Building to a crescendo of poisonous innuendo

Another in the series

Is this news or creativity? See the smear parts in bright blue; you decide.

Who are these "anonymous sources", "Tory insiders", "government sources" , insider info from a "senior Tory", "privately expressed" ?, Alexander Panetta and Jim Bronskill, CNEWS, Dec. 6, 06

OTTAWA (CP) - Giuliano Zaccardelli's last conversation with his boss, Stockwell Day, was curt but civilized. It was also lethal to the top Mountie's career.

... Melisa Leclerc, spokeswoman for the public safety minister.

[....] It was not the first time Day ....

Sources said ....

The Tory insiders said ....

Day, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay, and Justice Minister Vic Toews all expressed their wish that Zaccardelli be turfed.

Is this from the anonymous sources? Perhaps the disgruntled Hill contingent led by that lad from Radio Canada? Who heard? Who reported this if, publicly, the ministers said nothing?

They all toed the government line in public but privately ... two government sources said [....]

Building up the fiction that PM Harper is authoritarian? It seems this way from this and other articles I read.

[....] one of the government sources said.

[....] Late Wednesday, the prime minister's office vigorously denied

Use of "deny" implies an accusation which requires a denial ...

[....] The two government sources, however, said [....]

"Nobody could understand why Harper ....

i.e. Something is fishy here.

... particularly befuddling, coming from Harper.

Before becoming prime minister, Harper ... privately expressed ...

[....] said a Tory insider.

... among rank-and-file Tory MPs, many of whom have expressed ...

A prominent Conservative said ...

[....] Zaccardelli must have (incriminating) pictures," said one Tory insider.

... theories about why Harper ...

... until he had no choice ...

... the Tories' claim to represent the law-and-order constituency?

... income-trust investigation ... Liberals' election bid?

Does Zaccardelli have dirt on anyone?

"Is Harper afraid of him? I don't know,"
said the senior Tory.

"Nobody seems to know."

Isn't that a dirty little piece of suggestive smearing, created out of whole cloth? Would that senior Tory be a "progressive" who is trying to resurrect the Progressive Conservative Party? ... and the normal order of things ... Maybe a fan of Joe and a Red Tory? Who are these anonymous sources, anyway, and why are they leaking? They must have a reason but these journalists won't be digging for it to inform the rest of us. If they can kill this Western upstart ... things can get back to normal. Capiche?


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