December 08, 2006

Dec. 8, 2006: Diverting blame 101

Diverting attention from the guilty ... tarnishing the whole ... pre-election?

There must have been a lot of money to be made with the planned income trust business or if the appointed members of the CRTC made the "appropriate" rulings, to have the media so uniformly biased. Must dig a bit more ...

Mounties' top cop resigns -- and the responses from the Liberals, NDP, Bloc sound as though any problem indicate that there must be a problem with the conservative government , Meaghan Fitzpatrick, CanWest, December 06, 2006

[.... Representing the party on whose watch the whole sorry saga happened, in high dudgeon, yesterday, we had:] Liberal MP Mark Holland, who Tuesday accused the commissioner of perjury, said the matter is not over just because Zaccardelli gave up his job.

“I think the government very badly wants to consider the matter closed and just say ‘we’re doing the recommendations, the commissioner has resigned, it’s the end of the issue.’ It is not the end of the issue. There is a lot more work yet to be done here and they do a terrific disservice to Maher Arar and to the Canadian people if they stop here,” Holland told reporters after question period.

Did the Liberals apologize and pay back money absconded from taxpayers for their own part in creating distrust in the population? To suggest that the government wants this case closed ... when it occurred and continued so long under a previous administration? Surely, Mr. Holland must be joking. The whole thing occurred under a Liberal administration, Mark. Where were you during that period? And since? Before more revelations were you and your colleagues getting on the "Maher Arar was really a saint who happened to meet with persons of interest" soapbox? Given the Western guilt about targetting and never casting a jaundiced eye on the peaceful ones ... Mr. Arar may yet come out of this far ahead ... millions of dollars ahead. Is there any point at which it will be over, or has this, somehow, become a cudgel with which to beat Conservatives and completely discredit the whole of the RCMP and CSIS? Maybe tarnishing them is necessary before the next revelation? Just guessing but ...

And what do we really know of truth, even now? Maybe some of these Opposition protestors should join Sacha's love affair with tyrants and potential terrorists, and with the No One Is Illegal, DAD crowd, perhaps create another activist group, the "No looking at anyone as a potential terrorist" contingent. Mr. Arar may be innocent; he might be from a religion now protected from scrutiny, from a terrorist supporting area of the world ... and we couldn't have that. Mistakes are made in any organization, by any individual, but it is how the media play it in relation to the whole that is instructive ... pre-election ... in a politically correct world that bends to the superior wisdom of Turtle Bay. I'm waiting for the sequel.

Should we ready ourselves for more of this Liberal commentary in the press? They have yet to accept blame for their own part ... and much else.

New Democratic Leader Jack Layton said Zaccardelli’s resignation is an important “starting point” and that whoever takes over must work hard to rebuild Canadians’ confidence in the RCMP.

Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe agreed that Zaccardelli’s resignation does not mean an end to the ordeal. [....]

As with poverty, the media make certain we will always have Jack Layton with us ... emoting ... this time about rebuilding confidence in the RCMP. Would this be the media's ploy to cast aspersions on all members in order to convince the populous that anything these services would say about security must be suspect? Would that be useful for the next election. Yes, I'm a cynic.

Pre-resignation: RCMP's Zaccardelli appears to be on thin ice, MSN/, Dec. 6, 06


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