December 08, 2006

Dec. 8, 2006: Climate change

Thatcher economist de-hypes climate debate , By Peter C Glover, (, via newsbeat1

Peter C Glover has highlighted the failure of the British media to question the climate science "consensus" in this article in British Journalism Review magazine. A free copy of Lord Lawson's lecture (or a copy of the text) The Economics and Politics of Climate Change: An Appeal to Reason can be obtained via, can be heard, or a text of the address obtained online here.

In November economist and former British Lord Chancellor Nigel Lawson in Maggie Thatcher's government rose to give an address at the Centre for Policy Studies in London. What his audience were privileged to experience was nothing less than a rare phenomenon: sheer force of reason in public debate. I adjure anyone concerned about the lack of emphasis on reason in current public debate to read the text of Lawson's address: The Economics and Politics of Climate Change: An Appeal to Reason in full here. However, for those who struggle to read even eighteen reason-injecting pages.

[....] the science of clouds is "clearly critical" yet ...

[....] "the extent to which urbanization has contributed to the observed warming".

The lack of correlation between the steady rise in carbon emissions in the twentieth century and the up and down variations in global mean surface temperatures, for which there is "no adequate explanation", and ... natural variation ....


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