March 18, 2004

Arise, Brothers

I know I have harped on this before, but please join me in boycotting these products that totally demean men. You will not have trouble finding them as they can be seen in every male/female ad. You don't have to sit through endless ads that portray you as one of Darwin's less developed half of the species. The other gender would allow themselves to be caricatured this way -- nor would any other race of men, for that matter. Don't be bothered writing the Advertising Council; I've done that. No response.

Just say, "This ad is even more obnoxious and insulting then the last one. Write the ad's name and put a big X through it. Decency is in short demand at the ad agencies, but the profit line is sacrosanct. Heck, these people would put black, lesbian dwarfs in humiliating positions if it sold more product. Fear of consumer backlash is their only fear lodestone.

I remember in the mid-70's that Coke ran an ad that featured a probable pedophile sitting in a lounge car watching the gorgeous little 13 and 14 year old girls cavorting around a pool in spray-painted bathing suits. The final scene was them swarming him to get some Coke. Obviously for pedophiles, the motto, "Coke is the real thing" has great meaning. Today to run such an ad would land the company in criminal court. Still, they will always push the limits of taste.

I guess that Mr. Whitebread is seen by the ad folks as a giant pinata that they can beat until the goodies come out. He is seen as the most hapless target for the butt of the joke. "Only in Canada you say, pity."

Bud-- My latest favourite is the ad that has the good, but nerdish guy helping to find the lost gerbil, which is running around in an ample woman's folds of fat. The woman is seen posting a reward for this animal. Instead of thanking him, she first sprays his face with mace, then slams a garbage can on his head. I have no idea what depth psychology was used to develop this commercial, but I think the creators should try exchanging the ad's gender roles and see how that would work. The truth is that they would never work again.

Forward this blog to the Canadian advertising complaint agency. They may have ignored my previous missive, but if they get a enough flak, they will listen. Gentlemen, you have nothing to lose but the daily ritual of TV male-bashing ads.

© Bud


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