March 04, 2004


Throughout [the] campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party, Stephen Harper has kept to the high road by avoiding attacks on his opponents. It is his belief that the candidates should be taking full aim at the real enemy... the Liberals. Despite all the aggravation directed at him, you've seen him stick to his principles in media statements and in the televised debates. However, we must reiterate that the campaign team will defend Stephen, and he will defend himself, whenever he is challenged by personal attacks.

It seems the other candidates are growing ever more desperate, especially Ms. Stronach. They believe they only way to elevate their own support levels is to tear away at Stephen Harper and his campaign. But in the end, all they do is damage their own credibility and harm the party. We are in the process of choosing a leader... a leader who could become our next Prime Minister. That person must look and act like a Prime Minister. The conclusion is obvious and inescapable; among the 3 candidates, Stephen Harper is the only one with the credentials and demeanor of a Prime Minister.

For a little background, read the following dated March 4, 2004

Stronach’s Negative Campaigning Continues with Smear Attempts
OTTAWA – Once again, the Harper campaign is disappointed to see the Belinda Stronach campaign reaching into the depths of negative politics, attempting to smear her opponents in the Conservative Party leadership race. And sadly, the attacks get pettier by the day.

We’re getting used to refuting the finger-pointing by the Stronach campaign, so here’s the latest. They stated, “In a recently issued campaign brochure, Harper signs a message to conservative voters as ‘Leader of the Opposition’.” With trademark zeal, they seized upon the brochure in question with a news release – but with trademark carelessness, they never bothered to find out what actually happened.

A few moments of thoughtful investigation would have revealed that the brochure entered circulation in December, a month before Stephen Harper officially stepped down as Leader of the Opposition. Perhaps Ms. Stronach should check her dates
– we know it’s been a quick and hectic campaign, and it’s easy to lose track of time. We’d be happy to send her a calendar.

In the meantime, we can only shake our heads at the continued petty negative campaigning from the other choices in this campaign. It cheapens this race, and doesn’t serve the party – and frankly, we expected more. And if this is the juiciest tidbit that our friends in the other campaigns can come up with, then perhaps it really is time to turn our focus back on the Liberals where the real scandal is.

For more information, check out One Conservative Voice

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