March 03, 2004

The People Lose Out: Honesty and Integrity

I have been reading of good candidates, even some sitting MPs, losing their nominations in their ridings. What follows may be a reason. Inevitably, ** baffles brains, integrity, ideas, . . . . you fill the rest in for yourself. I am publishing this because it points up what is wrong with us when we listen to candidates speak, tune in to the hoopla and the hype, and forget to weigh what each candidate says and whether his/her character is such that what is said matches with what would be done -- especially, when push comes to shove. It was ever thus. NJC

Disillusioned by political process

Woodstock Sentinel Review re Charles Ward, by Peter Hutchison

It is no wonder that our political situation is in the shape that it is and it will never change, because the "people" will not change.

On Monday night I attended the candidate nomination meeting of the Conservative Party of Canada [. . . .]

However, I soon realized that the meeting was not about the best man for the job, but rather a popularity contest of more memberships and friends. Until people come to realize that they should choose the "best" man for the job to represent them, and forsake family, friends and loyalties, we will never change the political situation we always find ourselves in.

From all of Oxford County, only two persons were interested enough to put their name forward to give us a choice . . . .

I listened to Dave [MacKenzie] and heard absolutely nothing about issues or what he would do for me. All I heard was about him and past accomplishments. I listened to Charles [Ward] and heard about issues affecting us today, I heard what he intended to do for me, how he would do it and changes he would like to make.

So, who gets the vote? The man who would best represent Oxford? Or, the most popular, without vision or commitment?

[. . . .] The real losers in these situations are the people, and it is usually the people themselves who cause their own defeat. On Monday night, Oxford lost out on a good representative in Charles Ward. We can only hope now that Dave MacKenzie will strive to represent us in the way Charles Ward would have.

What follows is from an email sent to Charles Ward by a supporter; this is what is sad -- and how Canada and Parliament loses out.

I'm sorry you lost. . . but in another way I am happy about the result. Ottawa is a dirty business as you well know . . . Honesty and integrity is lost on most of these folks. You are different and perhaps someday Canadians might be lucky enough to get an MP of your calibre in the house. For now, I have no such illusions.

Think about that as you consider for whom to vote -- whatever party you support. It is the integrity of the individual that is important.


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