March 02, 2004

Lou Dobbs, Education and Exporting Jobs

I was listening to Lou Dobbs on CNN as he assayed a study done by Harvard that showed that, in the last four years, the number of blacks, hispanics and natives who graduated from high school was only 50%. Considering that they are breeders of the first magnitude, what is America facing down the line? The cities are going to be a battleground between these academic losers and the rest--although even the latter's jobs are being exported abroad in record numbers. It may come down to whether the ex-computer geek or the dumb drop-out gets to collect your garbage. Dobbs also mentioned that Vincente Fox wants open Mexican immigration into the States. Can you say, Bienvenido, amigo? Sounds as though Fox would like to export his unemployment problem to the US. Specifically, there was a report on the $99-billion deficit that California faces. Ideas punted around were severe state infastructure cut-backs and higher energy prices--which, from what you have told me, are not really a welcome option.

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