February 27, 2004

Frost Hits the Rhubarb

Media Tricks to Stop Harper: The Media Support Whoever Will Maintain the Status Quo

Already, CBC is telling us that the East does not support Stephen -- by interviewing only those who support Belinda. This article is instructive.
There's only one way that Conservatives can win Peter White, Feb. 25, 04, Globe and Mail via Jack's Newswatch, Feb. 25, 04

Now that there is suddenly a real possibility that the Conservative Party of Canada will win more seats than the Liberals in the next election, we can expect the Liberals to begin fighting like cornered rats.

I know from first-hand experience in the 2000 election campaign what they will do. Using surrogates and the media, the Liberals -- and also the NDP and the Bloc Québécois -- will attempt to portray the Conservative Party as extremist, scary, intolerant, racist, anti-Quebec, anti-French, anti-immigrant, anti-Atlantic, anti-gay and inimical to minority rights, as well as to the vital interests of Ontario. Not to mention, in the case of whoever emerges as the new leader, inexperienced, incompetent, too young and concealing a hidden agenda.

[. . . .] In a nutshell, the next election must be about integrity and character. That definitely would be the issue, if the election were held today. How can Conservatives ensure that this remains the central issue over the coming months?

The answer is simple. It is by not playing into the hands of the Liberal character assassins or smear squads. It is by demonstrating, through actions and words, that the Conservative Party is moderate, reassuring, tolerant, inclusive, pro-Quebec, pro-French, pro-immigration, etc., etc. It is by taking the utmost care to ensure that no member of the party -- the leader first and foremost -- can plausibly be accused of any of the Liberals' shrill charges, and by immediately expelling any Conservative who transgresses that rule. .

[. . . . .] He must explain that he is not in favour of Alberta withdrawing from its full role as a province of Canada [. . . . .]

I would check this out this statement just to see what Stephen actually said, given the media bias. NJC

He must also make it clear that he supports the basic principles of the Official Languages Act and of the duality of our federal institutions, while avoiding discrimination against qualified public servants who are not fluent in French.

Just how is one to accomplish that when a unilingual civil servant cannot get past the first requirement to work for the federal civil service -- bilingualism? NJC

[. . . . ] He must clarify his position with regard to transfer payments to the Atlantic region, emphasizing, as many studies have shown, that if a culture of dependency or entitlement has developed anywhere in the region it is the fault of misguided, politically motivated, incentive-destroying government programs, and in no way a reflection on the character, initiative or abilities of any Atlantic Canadians.

The media misreported what Stephen said -- though he might have phrased it more carefully today -- but he blamed government handouts, not Maritimers. The Liberals and the media have worked together to discredit him and the advice given here should be taken with a grain of salt. NJC

He must appeal directly to gays, lesbians and transgendered people, for example by asking to meet with their representatives, and listening to their grievances and requests with an open mind. [. . . .]

Since when did gay rights--by which the writer means allow gay marriage--become a conservative value? Stephen Harper has said he would allow free votes by MPs on divisive social issues. It cannot get more democratic than that. NJC

Mr. Harper must also be careful to ensure that he cannot be accused of wanting to change Canada's present legal regime concerning abortion.

Actually, Stephen Harper has suggested that MPs vote on highly contentious issues and, unlike our Liberal Prime Ministers, he would allow free votes. NJC


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