February 27, 2004

Frost Hits the Rhubarb

Despite Adrienne's "I am above politics", She is Not Quite that Far Above

She is falling back down and through the glass ceiling -- having flown too high.

Governor-General's spending to be probed -- Committee will examine budget, mandate -- Follows on public outrage over ballooning costs Mary Gordon, Feb. 25, 04

"Why do we have a Governor-General? What is the mandate? What benefit do we get? How much does it cost to have this?"

[. . . .] The committee will also review the budget and estimates of government departments that spend money in support of the Governor-General's office, such as foreign affairs.

[. . . . ] "If she wants to gather together the horsey set of Toronto and go for a trip somewhere, we'll decide what we want her to do and we'll decide how much we're willing to spend and that will happen in advance," the Winnipeg Centre MP said. "We won't find out about it after the fact, as has been the current practice."

The committee will examine the link between the Governor-General's office and the Canadian Constitution, and will likely push to allow MPs to have input into the appointment process, [NDP Pat] Martin said.

For more on our Commoner Queen and her grand tour, check out Canada's Court Circular -- and Other Posts which will lead to previous articles on Canada's own royal jelly and entourage: Update: Adrienne’s Junket based on some information gleaned from biographies of those accompanying the GG on her taxpayer-funded tour. You decide whether this was good use of public money -- or simply a grand tour for assorted members of the GGs circle. There is another article as well, Adrienne's junket


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