February 27, 2004

Frost Hits the Rhubarb

Elinor Caplan waves goodbye

If you are concerned about the gaping holes in our immigration / refugee selection process, then this departure is excellent news. Nobody so symbolized the mindlessness of our current policies on the immigration / refugee front than Elinor Caplan. In shrill bombast at any criticism of her department's methods, she was a Hedy Fry wannabe. The Reform party was characterized by her as "holocaust deniers and blatant racists". Before the last election she mused that it would be a good thing to raise the immigration quota to half a million a year. "For a couple of years at least, and yes, most of them would come from the 'traditional' Third World countries." The fact that Toronto would be the recipient of over half of these new-comers, and their needs would be extremely costly, did not stop her from being elected in her wealthy Toronto riding. That fact is almost as scary as her suggestion. She represented the worst face of the lefty elites. When Toronto became a swamp of over-crowding, gridlock traffic, and crime-ridden ghettoes, she would simply depart--with her healthy pension -- to a friendlier area, say Saltspring Islands. Goodbye and good riddance, Elinor.



Good riddance to Elinor for all the reasons Bud stated; Canadians demand security -- and accepting undocumented aliens who lie through their teeth -- and then are given taxpayers' money to live amongst us has to END! I don't care what agreements Canada has made with the UN -- or anyone else on these characters. Enough, already! NJC


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