February 27, 2004

Frost Hits the Rhubarb

Inside media--CBC gazes at its navel

Yes I am back on the CBC. A couple of nights ago, Feb. 24, I believe, the CBC media progam made its feeble attempt to show that it is not biased. So what did they do but--as usual--stack the deck? Among four panalists there was one critic of the CBC. They don't even see the irony in this. Trina McQueen, an ex-CBC topgun, Tony Burman, head of CBC programming, and some other CBC woman, whose name I don't remember, tackled Andrew Coyne of The National Post. A classic CBC set-up. Burman baldly stated that in a survey that CBC took, the people said CBC was the leader in viewing--up to 90% satisfaction. To which Coyne laughed and said, "But this was your rather selective poll; most show you don't even garner 10% of prime time viewing. Burman didn't want to go there. He also did not want to entertain Coyne's suggestion that if the 90% was a true number, than why doesn't CBC go the PBS route and exist through subscription? Coyne also managed to slip in the endless reruns that CBC delivers, but that issue was not addressed by the CBC trio. They had their mantra down pat--CBC is the lifeline of Canadian culture -- period. The charge that CBC is home only to left-wing, anti-American rhetoric was pooh-poohed. No, they were balanced. The entire program showed how blind they are to their own biases.



I saw it too, Bud. It was so stacked -- so typical -- CBC bringing out its own to toot its own horn and to deny any bias. And they cut off any interesting avenues which Andrew Coyne brought up. Where do they get these moderators and favourite talk show guests -- all cut from the same slab, anyway -- as though CBC uses a cookie cutter to produce them? This group is much too inbred. Most CBC females are practically interchangeable -- as their individuality is sacrificed to the Mothercorp's idea of how a bright young leftist CBC announcer should present herself -- complete with biased tone and facial signals telling viewers what to think -- the politically correct viewer response. CBC, stop trying to change Carla Robinson into one of your brittle and sneering females -- leave Carla alone. She is the last one left with an ounce of sweetness in her face.

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