February 27, 2004

Frost Hits the Rhubarb

Sounds Like a Reward for Illegal Migrants

Amnesty for new EU migrants Nic Fleming, Feb. 25, 04, Telegraph

Tens of thousands of illegal migrants are to be offered an amnesty which gives them the right to stay in Britain, the Government said yesterday.

Those from countries joining the European Union in May and who have been working in the black economy will be allowed to remain if they sign up to a migrant workers' registration scheme.

The Home Secretary, David Blunkett, told Radio 4's Today programme that he wanted those from Poland, the Czech Republic and other eastern European countries about to join the EU to be part of the legitimate economy. "We want them to be open, paying taxes, paying national insurance," he said.

Asked whether such people could register without any penalty for past illegal working, Mr Blunkett said: "Yes they can, from the accession countries, because it is sensible to have them upfront, honestly working."

My Commentary:

I'm waiting to see whether this will apply to the gypsies -- since they do not get good press in Eastern Europe -- and for very good reasons, according to those who know, those who live among them or who have been the object of their larceny. I know; I know; I should not tar all of them with this -- but one can only report one's own experiences or those of others whom we know and trust. I am. When one friend from a very civilized EU country heard that only Canada would actually import this problem which has plagued several European countries for years, he just shook his head. Only in Canada would the government -- Liberally -- expose us to unnecessary problems under the guise of its misguided multicultural policy. Just let these guys have to live in the neighbourhood! NJC


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