February 27, 2004

Frost Hits the Rhubarb

Dock Needed in BC -- not by Quebec nor by Separatists -- Guess what happened.

Why we're alienated -- a small but telling tale Barbara Yaffe, Feb. 25, 04

It took two months for a reply to arrive -- from Canada's new fisheries minister Geoff Regan, from Nova Scotia.

The minister informed Sen. Carney: "Unfortunately all program funding this year is fully committed to other priority projects, and tendering of this project must await additional funding availability." [Would payouts to one of the Quebec companies involved in the Liberal Sponsorship/Slush Fund Scandal have been one of the priorities? NJC]

[. . . .] Because to refuse to rebuild the island's only dock, which also serves as an entrance to the national park, is to expose Ottawa as a useless barnacle on the nation's body politic.

Why do British Columbians send tax dollars to Ottawa if not for federal services, especially essential ones like a dock?

Would Mr. Regan have written such a letter if the dock served a Liberal riding in Quebec? Or for that matter, a riding held by the Bloc?

What more need be said? NJC


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