March 02, 2004

Listen up, Whitey! Dance to Multi-cult's Hip Hop Beat, or else We are Coming for You.

I recently read an article in The Spectator, UK, entitled: The Multicultural Thought Police. The author, Leo McKinstry, outlines the desperate measures the Labour party in Britain are taking to ensure racial tolerance. First of all, they use that old socialist trick of branding the police as racists. The message then is, the endless court line-up of blacks and other ethnics is not because they are really criminals -- but rather that the police "profile them". Of course any serious criminologist could refute this; however, their evidence is also stifled by the government and the loonie left-media organs--think the Liberals and the Toronto Star--among others--here in Canada.

In fact, as I read the article, I spotted numerous parallels between the two countries. Just as BBC beats the racist drum against the British police, you have the CBC and the Toronto Star doing the same against the Toronto police, accusing them of "institutional racism". Similarly there is the cry that the police (and everybody else) "must recognize the different experiences, perceptions and needs of a diverse society." Nothing is ever said about immigrants / refugees rounding off some of their corners to co-exist in their new environment. To take the most extreme multiculters' position would mean that we should do with all visible minorities what Canada does with its Native criminals, i.e. give them reduced sentences. Their rationale is explained with the spouting of all kinds of sociological gobbledygook--slavery, residential schools--blah, blah, blah.

McKinstry states, "Yet the terror of stereotyping anyone--except white police officiers--ignores the reality of modern British society. Islamic fundamentalism and black criminals are not figments of a twisted imagination. They are an intregal part of the cultural diversity we are all meant to celebrate. . . After decades of advancing multiculturalism, Britain is the most violent country in Europe, with the highest rates of gun crime, drug-taking and street robbery." How do the multiculturists face this reality? "

[The government ] are becoming more authoritarian in their suppression of negative thinking. In their eagerness to impose the ideology of diversity, they are like the old Soviet Politburo, which pretended that communism had created an earthly paradise, and anyone who claimed otherwise was a crank or a criminal."

The British race regulations committee have even overturned the historic burden of proof from being on the accuser to the accused. The Commission for Racial Equality warns that, "for the discriminator, the consequences of the new burden of proof will be significant." As chilling a statement in a democracy as could be conceived. But it goes further than that. Britons are supposed to turn a blind eye to the viscious ravings of anti-western Muslims--some who stand in Hyde Park and openly suggest that Blair should be assassinated. [called Hook Handed Hamza, an imam, as I recall -- NJC] Only after the ricin scare, did police close down the notorious Finsbury Park Mosque, which had for years been identified as an Al-queda-friendly institution. Here in Canada, we have the Scarsborough Mosque identified with various suspect Al-queda operatives--the Khadr family being the most infamous among them.

Multicult took a heavy blow when its minister, Hedy Fry, tried to whip up false racist charges against Prince George, BC. Her statement in Parliament, "KKK crosses are burning on the lawns of Prince George, as we speak", sealed her doom. Similarly, the government-supported--nay, taxpayer-supported--National Action Committee, a feminist/socialist front organization has slid into obscurity, when it elected as its head one unrepresentative figure after another. It is hardly a national organization that picks a New Yorker, then a transplanted Indo-American, then a Barbadian-Canadian, then an Aboriginal woman to represent the majority of Canadian women. Without substantial government funding it would disappear altogether. [The alternative would be to get rid of that profligate government. NJC]

In conclusion, McKinstry makes the ironic comparison between Britain today and yesterday's Nazi Germany. "In some ways, multiculturalism is a reaction to the barbarity of Hitler's regime. The sorry paradox is that, in its myopia over race and its hysterical intolerance of dissent, this doctrine is dragging us along the road towards tyranny."

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