March 02, 2004

A Few Short Bursts Ripped from the Pages of The National Post

George Jonas writes about the amoral heart of Canadian bureaucracy, when it allowed Canadian soldiers to be exposed to various chemical agents like mustard gas to "see the effects on the human body." Well, the effects were monstrous blisters that disfigured the poor grunts. In the name of compassionate thinking, the soldiers were given $1 for each blister. The compensation package now offered them--decades later--will come out of present-day Canadians' tax dollars, not from those who commissioned those Nazi-esque "experiments". Those bureaucrats all died years ago, with their health and a healthy government pension intact before judgment day.

The letters to the editor have lambasted the GG and her philosoher-king spouse for the rank nonsense of her cultural forays and his illogical essays. Quick, for Canadians, tell me what good came out of Queen Adrienne's swanning about the European polar regions? Not even a good recipe for sauteed whale blubber, to my knowledge. As for John Ralston Saul, he thinks globalization is a spent force. But as a sarcastic letter writer pointed out, old John Ralston hasn't really tried to find a Canadian-made product in Walmart or Zellars lately. ( But then, His Excellency John Ralston Saul does not have to shop at the WalMarts of this world, does he? NJC )

To track back a few millennia, there was an article on the first WMD--the catapult. Not only were they massively destructive of castle walls, they were the precursors of biological terrorism. Nothing like hoisting a few plague or smallpox corpses over the walls to create panic in the citizenry. Simply owning enough of these weapons kept the enemy at bay. Sort of an ancient mutual assured destruction idea.

Another writer makes the case that, without native children assimilating to the prevailing culture's educational and social norms, the children who arrived here from different language and cultural groups / countries will be light years ahead of them in a few decades--in fact, they already are. But of course these new hard-working immigrant children will have the privilege of supporting the non-productive natives (not all natives, of course). That must gladden their hearts somewhat.

There was an article that showed how the whole sponsorship scandal was conducted. A small Quebec "numbered" ad company that never had more than five employees and that was run out of a basement, was able to donate nearly $70,000 to the Liberal party. Now that its connection to lucrative Groupaction sub-contracts has dried up, it has gone into bankruptcy.

Over two and a half years after 9/11, a CSIS report still states that Canada is one of the main havens for every conceivable terrorist organization. [See excerpt from report here.] Undocumented refugees, many from the hot-beds of terrorist supporting countries, continue to flow into Canada because of our lax laws. When Al-Qaeda fullfils its threat of attacking Canada, the chips will fall, big time, for the authors of this mess. The Conservatives, likely, will then be left to try to ferret out the now-entrenched terrorist cells. Even the endless Liberal economic chicanery doesn't come up to this criminal disregard for Canadians' security. In the United States, that Abdurahman Khadr kid would be in jail for being an Al-queda supporter. Instead, in Canada, he is allowed to strut around defending what's left of his terrorist family. If the opposition parties don't make this an election issue--damn the charges of "racism" that will be forthcoming--then they lack the wisdom and courage to form a government.

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