March 12, 2004

A Standing Ovation for Kofi Annan in Canada's Parliament?

The March 12, 04 National Post had an excellent article on Kofi Annan's visit to Canada's Parliament. Annan gave his usual spiel about the importance of the UN and Canada's slavish acceptance of its nostrums. It goes without saying that the real purpose of the visit was to suck more economic and peacekeeping support from it. How Annan could applaud the role of General D'Aillaire, a man who tried to stop the Rwanda genocide--yet, who was blocked by Annan and his claque of totalitarian advisors--taxes decency. The fact that a Secretary-General, who is an African himself, would do nothing about this Rwandan slaughter or that on-going tragedy in the Congo and Sierra Leone says everything about his own effectiveness. I expected the trained seals of the Liberal benches to give a standing ovation. The perpetually deluded NDP can be excused, as they are still giving standing ovations to Stalin. But the Conservatives should have remained seated -- but such is the ingrained political correctness of our age, I guess.

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