March 11, 2004

A few Unanswered Questions--Well, Twenty, Actually

Did The Central African Republic accept Haiti's Aristide because he brought back nostalgic memories of "Emperor" Bokassa (formally Sergeant Bokassa)? Bokassa is best remembered for beating to death a room full of school boys for not buying uniforms made in his factory.

Whatever happened to those Pakistani wannabe-refugees to Canada who massed on the border after The U.S. Patriot Act came in? Did they get in? [Bud, need you ask? NJC]

Is Leonard Cohen still living in a Buddhist mountain retreat in California? [Who cares, Bud? NJC]

How do President Bush, a former snorter of more "snow" than the Himalayas (alleged), and Kerry, an accused aficionado of dynamite Vietnamese weed, square their positions on draconian drug enforcement in the U.S.?

Why did the Americans censor the footage of their blowing away of the Iraqis on the imfamous Highway of Death outside Kuwait? I happened to have caught that show the night it happened. A classic night vision show. I still remember one pilot saying, "J****, this is better than a turkey shoot!" After that initial showing it disappeared forever. If you are going to destroy an army that was torturing Kuwaitis and looting their homes for spoils, why not let the footage out?

Why were dozens of high profile deportees accused of crimes against humanity and serious crimes in Canada allowed to flee deportation? Does the Canadian multiculuralism ethos have no bounds? Will they use their fake documentation to vote Liberal in the next election?

Does anybody today remember that in his book, And the Band Played on? Randy Stilts reported that "Patient Zero", a French-Canadian flight attendent, was identified as the infecter of hundreds of people. Or that this one person was probably ultimately responsible for an epidemic that killed thousands? Or that on the day of his own death-- after his ten year reign of death--a 19 year old male model was flying out from Vancouver to sleep with him?

Like Francois Villon, I want to know, "Ou sont les neiges d'antan?"

Did Dodi get his 70 virgins for the martyrdom of putting up with that flake Princess Di?

Did every French wh*** who gave a German soldier the clap and every grocer that cheated a German on a pound of cheese, get to be recognized as a member of the French resistance in WW 2?

Does a Senator, who falls asleep in chambers after lunch, get credited with a full day of attendance -- and paid?

Now that Martin has dedicated himself to whistle-blower legislation, will ex-RCMP Corporal Robert Read be re-instated for showing that Hong Kong immigration people were accepting bribes to allow Chinese gangsters into Canada? [Bud, you know PM just talks about doing something; everything will happen after he is elected as our Prime Minister -- he promises. NJC]

Have any of the new "country" musicians the right to even stand in the shadow of Johnny Cash?

What connects Pierre Elliott Trudeau to the cascade of Supreme Court decisions that have by-passed the will of the people? [Re-read that one, everyone. NJC]

Which is better for Zambia? To let possibly tens of thousands starve to death, or to let in American genetically-modified grain and corn? [Why, of course, starve. That's what is happening. Isn't the same thing happening in Zimbabwe? NJC]

Should Canada just cut the Natives/Indians loose and say, "If you think native culture is the way to go, then see what the beaded belt market really brings in"?

Would the video game, Grand theft Auto sell more if all the victims, world-wide, were politicians?

If the chosen latest Canadian idol were to run for PM, would he win?

If, in the 59th moment of the final hour, a monstrous orgy broke out in The New York Times, and a hard cover edition of all the news that was not fit to print were brought out, would it become a best seller?

This list of questions is inexhaustible, so I will leave on this final question. Considering that even the CA/PC alliance may rest with the measly 4,000 Quebec members, what does this say about our "democracy"?

© Bud -- Just wondering

Gosh, that was fun. I found myself wanting to go on with the list. There is no end to the questions that have never been answered. For instance, why have Canadians allowed the federal government to continue with the fantastic over-representation of francophones in our Canadian federal civil service? Try to find the per centage of British Columbians in either the Cabinet or even in the federal civil service. However, trying to get past this injustice, I shall focus on the bigger picture.

[Such as what, Bud? I await your next missive. NJC]

© Bud


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