March 18, 2004

Bud and Non-Belief

"People who cease to believe in God, don't believe in nothing; they believe in anything." -- G K Chesterson

Consider what non-believers do believe in. Abortion, even at a late date is not murder. Marriage has been denied to gays because Christians are all homophobic -- rather than viewing marriage as being the apex of male-female love. Why deny the Muslims and the Mormons their plural marriages once you are on that slippery slope?

Even though non believers no longer believe in Hell, people can still be frightened into giving up the right to own guns. Martin said, and I suspect that he is right here, something along the line of "There are as many Canadians who passionately support the gun registry." The government manufactures absurd, lying statistics about gun violence, then imposes a draconian gun legislation. The real benefit is not to Canadians in general, but to a furthering of the size of the bureaucracy.

I guess that example concerns more the intellectually poor. Nevertheless, the poor are the least likely to read newspapers and magazines, so when they are told something by federal sharpies, they tend to take it--or too much of it--at face value. They are always at the heart of the mob, when the government can't con them anymore, and the rubber truncheons have to be taken out. However, a new set of lies to advance their complaints will be trotted out and accepted once again. Religion which used to guide the poor through their travails, has now had that succour usurped by the government.

"The appeaser feeds the crocodile in the hope that it will eat him last," -- Winston Churchill

After Spain, which country will feed the crocodile next?

© Bud


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