March 18, 2004

A Quote a Day Keeps Banality Away

"The poor are always a gold mine" -- a 16th century German bishop

The exile of the hopelessly corrupt Aristide from Haiti followed by the breast-beating about the loss by the poor, whom he had bilked out of millions, at first glance, highlighted how easy it is to fool the uneducated and poor. But then I see Canada's provincial governments enticing the poor to buy the fantasy dream of becoming a millionaire. They can be seen at every convenience store, shelling out $20 for the 6/49, or in more pathetic circumstances, emptying their pockets of their last bit of change to buy just "The Lucky Stars" series. Scratch and win--or, like the vast majority--simply leave with nothing except dirty fingernails. Unfortunately, bilking the poor and their willing compliance in their own bilking in Canada simply shows that this scam is present everywhere. Shame on our governments.

© Bud


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