December 08, 2006

Dec. 8, 2006: Forum discussions ...

Punted Posters -- discusions of interest

Utterly out of control -- unbelievable: AnnieO: Must be nice to work for us taxpayers. Who in h#ll do they think they are and who is watching the hen house. They get the gold mine we get the shaft... in reference to: Keith Leslie: Ontario Auditor General blasts perks [posted by AnnieO: @###$ $@#@# $&%$$# government]

TORONTO (CP) - Luxury sport utility vehicles, Caribbean vacations, leather jackets, chocolates and flowers were among the taxpayer-funded perks that child welfare, energy and education workers treated themselves to last year, Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter reported Tuesday.

The annual auditor's report, which for the first time scrutinized spending at the energy utilities, hospitals, school boards and the Children's Aid Society, also uncovered millions in expenses that neither public employees nor their managers could account for. [....]

Search: $127 million worth of goods and services using corporate charge cards, Ontario Power Generation , Hydro One , hid $18 million worth of mystery expenses , one teacher spent $52,000 over two years on a purchasing card, four he examined , Thames Valley District School Board , purchases of SUVs , a $600 a month tax-free car allowance , gym membership worth $2,000 , quarterly personal trainer fees of $650

NO more tattoos for inmates -- and a discussion on rights -- Canadiana

OTTAWA, December 4, 2006 – Today, the Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety announced that Canada’s new government will not continue the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) one-year tattooing pilot program.

Do we have the right? -- Discussion on rights, incompatible societies, foreign aid ... , tangle2foot

Seminole Indians buy Hard Rock Cafe, hotel and casino "Rank sells Hard Rock to Seminole tribe" by Mark Bridge, The Times December 07, 2006

The Seminole – who operate five casinos in Florida – are buying for Hard Rock’s attractive gambling operation. The tribe has estimated that revenue at its two Hard Rock casinos in Florida alone could top $770 million.

The Seminole opened the first casino on Indian land in 1979 ... a multibillion dollar gaming industry on reservations.

...And we think we have problems with natives -- A feud between two families in a remote Northern Territory [Australia] community ... Families attack with axes and spears 05 Dec. 06 N.T. posted by starboardside

Mount Pearl NL A decision to bar Newfoundland's auditor general from ... More misspending uncovered in N.L. ... John Noseworthy issued a new report ... , Dec. 5, 06 posted by AnnieO

.... accuses a fifth politician - former Liberal cabinet minister Percy Barrett - of exceeding his constituency allowance limit by $117,286 between 1998 and 2004.

Also, here:


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