July 20, 2006

July 20, 2006: CNOOC, CNCP, Song Yiwu ...

Update & related:


July 18, 2006: China: organs, expertise & oil sands -- "China looks in vain for oil sands deal -- wants Canada's crude" by Dave Ebner

Frost Hits the Rhubarb, July 9, 06:

Updated: The bribe? ... preferential access to markets
-- or scroll down to: "Song Yiwu, vice-president of the China National Oil and Gas Exploration and ... Rather than simply buy oil, Yiwu said CNPC wants a direct equity stake in a ... "

I had suggested I thought there was a Texas connection: More here CNPC Houston Office. Chief Representative. Oil.
1080 West Sam Houston Pkwy. ... 713-7898998 [99] Yiwu Song. ... Skyland, Inc. President. Oil Equipment ... Houston, TX


Agenda - China Institute - University of Alberta Mr. Song Yiwu, Vice President, China National Oil and Gas Exploration and ... of Development and Research, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) ...
/nav02.cfm?nav02=46732&nav01=45664 [Google's listing includes a space which I have removed -- have to watch for those spaces.]

EIL News - A delegation from CNPC & CNODC will visit U of R [Univ. of Regina] and ...Han, Hua, Senior Economist, International Cooperation Department, CNPC Dr. Song, Yiwu, Vice President, China National Oil and Gas Exploration Development ...

HQCEC - Press Releases CNPC Assistant President & CNODC President Wang Dongjin, and HQCEC ... CNODC Vice President Li Qingping, Song Yiwu, Manager of Refining & Piping Dept. ...
www.hqcec.com/EN/News/PressReleases/2006622111928_538234.htm [Unnecessary space removed]

Compilation 3: Roaming Around ...
The Problem with Ethics & Business: Oil, Sudan, Talisman, Oil Rights, India, China & Canada



Blogger David Wilson said...

interesting blog - i find it hard to navigate, and what did you do with your profile? (this is intended to be helpful, don't flame me)

anyway, you sound like a Canadian - do you remember who it was that hung around parliament hill in the late 80s or early 90s with a teddy bear screaming out 'Lyin' Brian' until they passed a law prohibiting it?

be well

Thu Jul 20, 05:17:00 PM 2006  
Blogger News Junkie Canada said...

I shall try to explain how to navigate this blog tomorrow. I appreciate any interest as long as it is polite and/or well meant.

Frankly, it is too late today to do more. I've been picking gooseberries and every thorn in Christendom pricked me ... only worth it because they are so good, mid-winter ... along with raspberries, strawberries and anything else I can find to pick and preserve or freeze. I like a full larder.

My profile is relatively unimportant, as am I, neither a mover nor a groover, simply a reader. I am a news nut who is worried about what has been going on in Canada for years. That is why I try to dig for more information and share it with any who might be interested.

Thank you for writing. Hasta manana.

Thu Jul 20, 10:06:00 PM 2006  

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