July 18, 2006

July 18, 2006: Vive la difference!

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Harper finally pushes Canada off the fence John Ivison, National Post, July 15, 2006

[....] This is a stark contrast to the public pronouncements of his Liberal predecessors. [....]

Inevitably, such fence-straddling fostered a muddled, incoherent Middle East policy. Hamas is on Canada's list of banned terrorist organizations, yet Pierre Pettigrew as Liberal foreign affairs minister urged Canadians to "wait and see" how they performed in Palestinian elections, before condemning their participation.

[....] On a visit to Israel, [Jean Chretien] left the impression he believed the Palestinians were justified in using the threat of a unilateral declaration of independence to further their cause.

[....] As soon as a Hamas-dominated government was elected to run the Palestinian Authority, the Conservatives cut off aid and said there would be no contact with the Hamas Cabinet.

By the way, the Globe and Mail, along with the CBC, are in full bash Conservatives, bash Harper, election mode.

BellGlobeMedia comprises what is practically a Liberal-gifted monopoly now and they don't want to lose this $$$$$$ and being close to Liberal power advantage. Note how the G&M is slagging Harper over not being fast enough in bringing home the Canadians--40,000 of them--caught in Lebanon. Min. MacKay acquitted himself well in his responses ... while CBC's Mansbridge tried to pin Conservatives to the wall with that one question designed to criticize the government's response ... the one question that Peter Mansbridge kept asking of just about everyone who appeared on the National to discuss Lebanon last night ... Finally he found someone to criticize PM Harper ... as he wished ... and so he ended that charade of "news".

Fools! Thanks to Liberal governments' underfunding our military and just about everything except advertising contracts and special deals with and for friends (think TPC, Bombardier, etc.), Canada doesn't even have the capability to ship its own troops around to trouble spots but has to make arrangements with other countries. The mainstream media simply want to create doubt and a story. They join and amplify the cries from the "unbiased" Muslim organizations in Canada calling for the PM's head over this ... but they vote Liberal, for the most part so ... figure it out. Election coming, folks.

BellGlobeMedia including CTV.ca join CBC in being so fearful of real press freedom. They are being shown up every day by good people who know something and share their knowledge through the internet, on their websites and blogs. I link to many of them.

Mr. Asper, I miss the delivery of the National Post every day. It was a welcome additional voice.

Related comment: 40,000 ? bobjane, 7/17/2006 16:01:20

The Canadian Government estimates that there are some 40,000 Canadians in Lebanon. Germany reports approximatly 1,100 Germans, Italy has evacuated half of theirs - 460, the Swiss report some 130 plus, the French will have left after the first shot, US citizens will be few and far between while good old Britain states some 3500 to 4000 families plus-get this-10,000 dual nationals.

A number of Canadians visiting family in a Hezbollah controlled neighbourhood in Lebanon were unfortunatly killed by retalitory fire while at the same time another family member was demonstrating against Canada, Israel and of course the US on the streets of Montreal.

40,000 calling themselves Canadian?


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