July 18, 2006

July 18, 2006: Middle East

Everywhere there are up-to-date articles so I shall post little on the war in the Middle East. However, the MSM in Canada will not likely investigate to give in-depth journalistic background but will talk about "militants", civilians, the Arab news networks, evacuating US (25,000) and Canadian (40,000) citizens in Lebanon, Haifa, Hezbollah, protest in Montreal about the Israeli incursions to Lebanon, omitting the reason for them ... the usual, so these might be a useful addition.

The last item posted describes how dangerous south Lebanon is for Iran is there, apparently. Yet, a Canadian is there.

On CBC (Newsworld) today there was a telephone interview with one of the young Canadian men who in this area of South Lebanon, an intern at the Daily Star, I think. He said he had married a German and would be leaving on a German boat. He shocked his mother who had no idea he was getting married. She just wanted to know how he was going to get out.

Strange ... a dangerous place to go for a newspaper internship.

Peace for land -- like that's the stumbling block -- on newsbeat1 July 15, 2006

Also: Bill Roggio on events in the Middle East

Israel has spawned medical breakthroughs to save lives while State sponsors like Iran and Syria have spawned terrorists to destroy lives

They've Known This Was Coming

Back on May 1: Everything Could Explode at Any Moment”

Last year I drove down from Beirut into Hezbollah-occupied Lebanon along the border with Israel. Aside from Hezbollah’s other miniature state-within-a-state in the suburbs south of Beirut, the border region is the craziest place in the country.

The Lebanese government doesn’t control it and cannot police it. The army is not allowed to go down there. Soldiers I’ve talked to refer to the southern-most checkpoint before the Hezbollah-occupied zone as “the border." Psychotic road-side propaganda shows severed heads, explosions from suicide-bombs, and murderous tyrants from Iran and Syria. [....]

Iran has moved into South Lebanon. Intelligence agents are helping Hezbollah construct watch towers fitted with one-way bullet-proof windows right next to Israeli army positions.

Here's what one officer said:

This is now Iran's front line with Israel. The Iranians are using Hizbollah to spy on us so that they can collect information for future attacks. And there is very little we can do about it.

If you didn't read it then, do so now. Complete with lots of original photos.

If all out war erupts at the Lebanese border [and it seems to have], try to remember just who it is that Israel is fighting. It's not Lebanon.


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