July 18, 2006

July 18, 2006: China: organs, expertise & oil sands

Chinese organ harvesters? July 6, 06, StephenTaylor.ca

The report

David Kilgour is a former Edmonton area MP who ran under the Liberal banner until he finally became an independent before the last election.

[....] Today, along with human rights lawyer David Matas, Kilgour released an independent report that seems to confirm what we've been hearing over the past few months from the reporters at the Epoch Times.

[....] I read a headline which seemed too incredibly evil that I almost dismissed it as untrue. The headline described the killing and organ harvesting of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

It would seem that David Kilgour and David Matas took the next step and conducted an independent investigation with their own resources as they decided to look into the claims of the Epoch Times story. Today, they released their report and they have come to the conclusion that this evil is indeed occurring in China.

The report is available at http://investigation.redirectme.net

[....] The report includes the transcript of an interview between Kilgour and the wife of one of the surgeons that allegedly performed some of the organ harvesting:
W: The operations started in 2001, some were done in our hospital, and some were done at other hospitals in the region. I found out in 2003. At the beginning he also did the operations, but he did not know they were Falun Gong practitioners. He was a nureo-surgeon. He removed corneas. Starting from 2002 he got to know those he operated on were Falun Gong practitioners. Because our hospital was not an organ transplant hospital. It was only in charge of removal. How these organs were transplanted, he didn't know.

Kilgour: Your ex-husband started to take organs from Falun Gong practitioners starting from when?

W: At the end of 2001, he started to operate, but he didn't know these live bodies were Falun Gong practitioners. He got to know that in 2002. [....]

China looks in vain for oil sands deal -- wants Canada's crude Dave Ebner

CNPC International, an arm of China National Petroleum Corp., has spent two years discussing partnerships with Calgary-based companies operating in the oil sands or planning projects but the state-owned firm has received "feedback [that's] not so positive," said Song Yiwu, a vice-president at CNPC International. [Isn't he based in Texas? Perhaps in Houston? Check further.]

... TD Securities oil sands conference ... [Isn't Frank McKenna now a board member for TD? What would be his advice about getting into bed with Chinese companies, considering that their major interest seems to be Canadian expertise. See below in red.]

CNPC wants to secure supply of 200,000 barrels a day of raw bitumen in 2010. It would ship the bitumen to China, where it would upgrade the product into synthetic oil. An upgrader in China would cost half the amount of a similar facility in Canada, Mr. Song said.

In an interview, Mr. Song said CNPC International would like to partner with any major Calgary name, such as EnCana Corp., Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. and Husky Energy Inc.

[....] Earlier this year, CNPC International was rumoured to be considering a takeover of more than $20-billion (U.S.), looking at targets such as Husky and Canadian Natural. Mr. Song said such talk was just rumours, stressing that CNCP International would rather have a joint venture, adding that Canadian expertise was a major plus. [....]


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