July 18, 2006

July 18, 2006: CBC gets it wrong again

"Trudeau 11--Maverick in the Making" is a continuation of the Trudeau hagiography presented by CBC. If you accepted that this man was the greatest thing to come to Canada since Tim Horton's, then you will love this docudrama. However, there was that earlier mishap where CBC gave us The Tommy Douglas story -- a film so flawed in its historical reality that Shirley Douglas took her name off the credits and the Gardiner family is demanding a major retraction for the defamation of their grandfather. He was neither a drunk nor a bigot.

Now we have, in CBC's latest program, this youthful Pierre Trudeau railing against the fascism in Spain and Italy. The reality, as exposed by his own letters, given to his biographers, was that he was a crypto-fascist, who considered overthrowing the Quebec government to establish a nationalist, Catholic state that Franco would admire. He claimed Britain was responsible for WW11 and rode around Montreal with a Nazi helmet on. He never maintained any extended relationship with women and finally married a child-bride, whom, apparently, he drove to a mental breakdown. He later became the quintessential liberal dilettante, who through the Charter has burdened us with innumerable bogus refugees, welfare recipients and professional whiners--almost none of whom we can get rid of. Oh yes, he expanded biculturalism to multiculturalism. Now we have people amongst us who feel their barbaric social customs should supercede those that Canada was built on. Quite the boy, Trudeau.

Bud Talkinghorn--What's next from CBC, "Trudeau: The teenage angst years"?

My Comment: Spare us more of CBC's advertorials for Liberals ... and by association, for itself, please. Is anyone else tired of CBC's advertising how wonderful it is? Add BellGlobeMedia in the news industry in Canada--it is already in electioneering mode from what I see written in its G&M--and its overwhelming reach in Canada, added to the "news" contributions of a bloated CBC and Canadians are losing any pretense at balanced news, except through the services of a few writers and the blogosphere. In the East, there is only one view, liberal/leftist/Liberal. Chunder fodder. Frost Hits the Rhubarb


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