July 17, 2006

July 17, 2006: "Behind both the socialist ...

of the 1920s and the socialist of the 21st century stands the same assumption. Governments know best."

Ted Byfield: 'Greatest Canadian' shielded from scrutiny July 16, 04

[....] Then Licia Corbella wrote a three-page feature on the Canadian eugenics movement in the Sun, quoting extensively from the [Tommy] Douglas thesis.

Douglas had expressed these views in his master's thesis at McMaster University.

... other alarming recommendations ...

Were these the outpourings of Douglas' fervent youthful hysteria?

Not at all. He wrote the thesis when he was 30 years old and repeated some of the same ideas a few years later.

[....Those] who revere him today are most anxious to divert attention from his former enthusiasm for the breeding of the perfect society.

It too clearly exposes the inherent attitude the left still embraces that we see deeply implanted in social agencies, social planners and now in the senior judiciary. [....]

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