July 16, 2006

July 16, 2006: Bombings In Bombay

Bombings In Bombay

[....] This kind of wanton death and destruction, no longer isolated to the Middle East, cannot simply be excused as merely the actions of a repressed minority. It cannot be blamed on poverty or justified by disagreements over foreign policy. It is evil. This bloodlust was put on display once again when Al Qaeda released an Internet video showing the mutilated bodies of two American soldiers killed in Iraq last month. These soldiers were ritually slaughtered according to the dictates of radical Islam – the same ideology that preaches it is okay, in fact honorable, to “kill the infidel.” As they have done many times before, these terrorists are now using the gruesome evidence of their inhumanity to recruit others to their cause of jihad.

And where does this twisted concept of jihad come from? You may recall that I mentioned a report about six weeks ago from the Center for Religious Freedom

[....] While the radical Left in this country obsesses about the “religious right,” there is a war being waged against all of Western Civilization. Those on the Left who deny this war even exists, or, worse, actually blame us for causing it, naturally have no plan to protect the nation from an enemy so determined to kill us. They insist we are losing in Iraq. But our military certainly has not been defeated. The Iraqis have a freely-elected government now. Our nation is still thriving. By what measure are we losing? Some may be losing their nerve and losing their will to fight. There have always been defeatists in every conflict in every generation. My prayer is that we would ignore the voices of surrender and muster the courage to prevail once again.

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