July 14, 2006

July 14, 2006: Mini satellites ... Arctic?

Advice: Disinterested? Expert? How do we know?

I still remember the advisors, the experts on Kyoto.

Canada urged to launch miniature satellites to patrol Arctic David Pugliese, CanWest News Service; Ottawa Citizen, July 13, 2006

OTTAWA -- Canada should launch a constellation of low-cost miniature satellites to conduct surveillance on the Arctic and other parts of the country, a group of Defence Department advisers has concluded.

The micro satellites, which cost about $10 million each compared to hundreds of millions of dollars for a full-size satellite, could be key in helping support Canada's claim of ownership over its northern territories, according to the report obtained by the Ottawa Citizen. [....]

Search: the $620-million Radarsat-2 , use surveillance information from Radarsat-2 to monitor , a significant military expansion , at the heart of our (defence) policy

It seems like a good idea However, this is a 2005 science advisory report from the previous government's era. Who were/are on the defense advisory panel? Appointees with a personal, academic, or business interest? Disinterested experts? Scientists and military experts who know what they're talking about ... or people with a hidden agenda? ... Remember the Kyoto Accord and the promises ... the questionable claims ... questionable science ... the lies ... the backtracking? ... The so-called experts and those without expertise, but with a political agenda ... the claims based maybe on personal memory ... maybe on analysis of scientific data with the positives and negatives weighed and balanced ... How do the great unwashed like me know when they read the news? ... There was mention of secrecy in the report also. I wondered whether for a good reason or nor.

The politicians fooled us once ...

Investigative journalism needed but ... here is a diversion for a Friday afternoon.

Check out at the bottom "Whack a Moron" -- suggestion via StephenTaylor.ca (I think)

CBC videos--CBC's claim? "CBC Television is Canada's national public broadcaster..."


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