July 17, 2006

July 17, 2006: Some news just can't stir ...

any interest from the mainstream media: yet they should investigate and report ... for Tongsun Park had Canadian connections. Of course, that would entail journalism, not propaganda dissemination ... but they may be out of practice.

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"He was found guilty" re: Tongsun Park

See this related post: Frost Hits the Rhubarb: July 14, 2006: Objective Reporting "Canadian movers and shakers and their business associates and friends just can't get Canadian mainstream media attention ... no matter what they do" on connections and Tongsun Park, et cetera

Tongsun Park has been connected to various people, including connections to Canadian Maurice Strong, Canadian politics, the nuclear industry, and some VIP's in Canada and abroad ... but the mainstream media won't touch this story--as far as I can determine. Too sensitive.

Connect all that with the following from David Harris (ex-CSIS) on CCD, then to Liberal MP Keith Martin's call for UN intervention in the Middle East and then to my comments concerning MP Keith Martin's pleas, with related links.

CCD applauds Prime Minister Harper's clarity on Middle East crisis -- "Israel has a right to defend itself". He said countries that have influence in the region must "encourage the recognition of Israel's right to exist" .... This is not just a response to kidnapping, but a defence of "Israel's right to exist" and that the "response was measured". He was also clear that the blame for current fighting lay squarely with Hamas and Hezbollah. -- i.e. Israel's response is not disproportionate on this forum:

The particular thread:

This is a must read, contains David Harris' comments, and includes a video and a lengthy list of actions against terrorists and related taken by PM Harper.

Subsequently, the CCD's Al Gordon posted a Liberal Party Press Release with his comments.

Copy: Liberal Party press release signed by Liberal MP Keith Martin.

The Liberal Party of Canada
For Immediate Release
July 14, 2006

Harper Ineffective in Addressing the Middle East Crisis

Victoria, BC - Prime Minister Stephen Harper's curt comments on the worsening crisis in the Middle East has fundamentally threatened Canada's ability to be an honest broker in any future peace negotiations between the various belligerents. He has damaged our ability to act as an effective interlocutor in trying to stop the conflict and bring various sides to the negotiation table. Going into the G8 Summit, Mr. Harper is failing one of his first significant foreign policy challenges.

Mr. Harper should be calling for:

* An urgent increase in humanitarian aid for the basic needs of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The Conservative Government has made little effort to relieve the humanitarian crisis in this region. [Send humanitarian aid money which in the past was diverted and may be diverted again to the terrorists ... uh, "militants". Has humanitarian aid worked in the past? ... See NatPost European Commission releases an extra $70M in aid for Palestinians]

* A halt in hostilities in the Middle East which are risking the safety of civilians in the region. [We have only to ask ...]

* Kidnapped Israeli soldiers and civilians from Israel to be returned, unharmed, immediately. [Just ask and Hezbollah will comply.]

* The immediate halting of attacks against Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas. [When have anyone's calls for a halt ever worked?]

* Israeli military forces to discontinue operations that are directly affecting the civilian populations of Lebanon and the Gaza strip. This includes attacking vital infrastructure, telecommunications and power distribution facilities. [The Israeli actions have a chance of working to halt attacks, so what is the point in stopping them? See David Harris' post, link above, for what has been done and whether pleas for peace worked before. Would they work now if the Israelis sat and waited? How would you react to attacks if you were an Israeli?]

* The United Nations to increase its efforts to arbitrate cease-fires. [Don't you remember that it always worked in the past? ... Actually, resulting in a mini ceasefire to regroup, re-fund, re-weaponize and re-attack ... again ... and again]

* Syria and Iran to take an active role in halting Hezbollah's military activities or face immediate sanctions, including an international ban on the purchase of oil from Iran. This request should be made through the UN Security Council. If this fails then Canada should call on all willing nations to individually cease purchasing any oil from Iran. [See my comments below on this.]

* Hezbollah and Hamas' terrorist attacks against Israel be universally condemned, that their behaviour is deplorable and that Israel has every right to engage in military actions against their armed wings. [There is something schizoid / contradictory about this, in relation to the above.]

[...] For further information please contact Dr. Keith Martin at 250-514-9238

These CCD items were very difficult to access today for some reason ... but I can guess why, based on my experiences in the past when anything is politically sensitive ... Is there severe control, as it seems, over what Canadian citizens may access to read, especially if certain folks would be upset? Put that with the push to create an alternet which will not allow the access that allows citizens the freedom to search, read, learn, and act.

My comments on the Liberal Party press release
Cross posted on CCD but I have added an "Update and related" link below.

Re: * Syria and Iran to take an active role in halting Hezbollah's military activities or face immediate sanctions, including an international ban on the purchase of oil from Iran. This request should be made through the UN Security Council.

Syria and Iran? Pie in the sky. They're the ones aiding and supplying the terrorist Palestinians and Hezbollah.

The UN has been ineffective. Why would MP Keith Martin expect it to be any different this time? I just cannot take the UN seriously. There has been talk over the years about the "roadmap" to peace and "coming to the table" but the terrorist organizations have continued operating as usual, perhaps with a period of R & R to re-weaponize and re-group. Their supporters beg for humanitarian aid dollars which they divert from the intended purpose to terrorists in support of more terrorism. These countries should be forced to be peaceful in action for a period of time and after that, humanitarian aid might be resumed. Let them suffer the reality of their choices. People learn amazingly quickly, then.

Note that the EU is going to give Palestinians aid money ... which sounds humanitarian on the surface, but is simply allowing them to continue as usual -- not learning from their mistakes.

Sanctions? The UN? A jest. Remember the oil-for-food UNSCAM? It was so successful as a money-generating operation for several individuals and countries that this suggestion could be a money-making scheme ... again. Have you heard anything yet in the Canadian mainstream media about those involved who found a lucrative way around the sanctions? [Update and related: See below *** ]

Canadian media seem to be reluctant to mention the names of those involved, even when evidence has been revealed (Claudia Rosett's articles). Past Liberal governments have talked as though the UN actually accomplishes anything, but there are other reasons for the slavish devotion to Turtle Bay.

It's more related to the UN support for the former Liberal government's plans for moving away from the UK, the US and Australia, our traditional allies. They were moving to a new alliance (before the election) that was nicely developing, one with the EU (particularly France), the ME Arab world and the Far East, to the benefit of France and some Canadians, in my opinion.

There has been a deliberate, gradual re-alignment pursued over many years because in Canada, Quebec has had the balance of real power and language laws have allowed Francophones to gain the most powerful positions in government and civil service, etc. Quebec does not have the same attitude to our traditional allies as does the rest of Canada; it has been much more pro-EU, pro-Arab, pro-Muslim, and anti-Israel. (Partly, it is that many of the citizens of those countries speak French, as a second language, at least, so there is a common bond. Also, there is a colonial past with continuing bonds, not all negative, as the Francophonie shows).

Those alliances are threatened by a new conservative government. Our mainstream media understand the old system and those involved better. They report in such as way as to return the old government with its network and alliances to power; then business may continue as it had for most of the last 40+ years, to the benefit of those who obtained perquisites through the old network.

All that has import for Israel in relation to any talk of a peace emanating from the UN. The EU, the Far East which needs oil, and the old Canadian network which allied itself with the UN and its preponderance of Arab states won't support Israel so Israel has no choice but to act in its own interests. Forget proportionality of response. The thugs don't worry about the Marquis of Queensbury rules.

*** Update and related:

Oil for Food, Canada, Connections

Within this post, September 13, 2005: Quick Links: Brian McAdam, Whistleblower, Sept.2005 Presentation -&- More there are links to more UNSCAM information and related items.

Search also for: China, hackers, UNSCAM--oil for food .......

There are other posts but, to begin, scroll to

[....] http://www.primetimecrime.com/contributing/2005/20050907McAdam.htm
China – Deception, Delusions and Denial
Presentation by Brian McAdam on September 7, 2005, at Public Forum: Focus on China, University of Ottawa, Co-hosted by the Hon. David Kilgour and China Insight By Brian McAdam


Has Canada's legal system been corrupted by China?
Sept. 7, 05, Asia Pacific Post


Guess Hu's coming to town [Hu Jintao]

Is this not the company to which Canadians' tax money went to via Bombardier earlier this year?
Delta seen close to bankruptcy; stock tumbles
Carrier reported in final stages of deal for money to keep operating

Sept. 12, 2005


Canada's global connections

Canadian Connection
This by Mark Steyn . . .

Website: Friends of Saddam: The UN OiI for Food Scandal (UNSCAM. Saddam, his many Global Friends, and the UN Scandals)

The Oil-for-Food Scandal – the Canadian Connection
Charles R. Smith
Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2005

The truth about BNP Paribas and Power Corp. sheds a new light on Canada's seemingly bizarre anti-American foreign policy in the Middle East, in China and elsewhere.

BNP Paribas bank is part of a holding company, Pargesa Holding, which is jointly owned and controlled by the Frère and Desmarais families. Paul Desmarais Sr. is the chairman of the group, while Albert Frère is the vice-chairman. Gerald Frère, Albert's son, is one of three general managers who oversee day-to-day operations, and Paul Desmarais Jr. is also an officer. [Desmarais Jr. is married to Jean Chretien's daughter France, I believe.]

Pargesa, and thus Power Corporation and the Canadian Desmarais family, holds a controlling significant stake in TotalFina Elf, the Belgian-French petroleum multinational corporation formed from the merger of Total and Petrofina.

Prime Minister Paul Martin signs Canada up for one world order United Nations

There is more if you scroll down this post.
In particular, this is of interest: "Hackers and Spying -- Red Bricks along the Yellow Brick Road"

Where is Paul Martin and what is he doing? He had "more work to do with the United Nations", I seem to recall. Where is ex-PM Jean Chretien?


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