July 19, 2006

July 18, 2006: Add greed ...

dissembling, the politically-motivated desire to create a negative attitude toward the present government, media bias--political--the pressure in some media quarters to find negative political fodder for a coming election ... and the average citizen does not get the whole story unless he/she reads several accounts from several sources. Certainly, we won't get it from the usual suspects.

A reasonable escape route in 100 hours -- Canada delivers a measured response Don Martin, National Post, July 19, 2006

OTTAWA - Mediterranean cruise lines demand at least a year's advance notice for a private charter booking.

To locate, contract, displace passengers and dispatch seven ships for a 10-hour sail to a war zone in Lebanon, returning to Cyprus and Turkey filled with passengers for charter Air Canada flights to Toronto, is no trifling feat. [....]

Add to that the greed of potential suppliers that surfaces in an emergency situation, that embassy staff were moved to Damascus, Syria--many are still there, re-located by a previous Liberal government (G&M, July 18 or 19, 06))--and that many Beirut embassy staff are on holiday in Canada ... and it's not an easy task.

Note: I have had problems posting anything today ... again so I am putting what I can in one post. Then, I'll try to publish it.

Lebanese, Canadian - and enemies of Hezbollah Barbara Kay, July 19, 06, NatPost

He directed me to his group's Web site, www.10452Lccc.com, which declares: "We appeal to the Lebanese people in Diaspora countries ... While they should feel empathy for their own suffering people in ... every corner of Lebanon... that empathy should not be confused with sympathy for Hezbollah ... We call on the Lebanese people everywhere to demonstrate in front of Syrian and Iranian embassies to tell them to stop supporting Hezbollah and stop shipping weapons and providing political cover for the Hezbollah Group ... Its Leadership only obeyed Tehran's and Damascus' orders. This is treason and violates the Lebanese constitution."

A Canadian soldier's report from South Lebanon Updated Tue. Jul. 18 2006 8:52 PM ET

[....] My name is Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, and I am an Infantry Officer with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, of the Canadian Forces. I was sent to this Mission (United Nations Truce and Supervision Organization -UNTSO) last October 05, and am currently serving as an unarmed Military Observer.[....]

I am currently writing to you from the UN Patrol Base Khiam, which is situated approximately 10 km from the nexus of the Israeli, Lebanese and Syrian Borders. [....]

(2) I have been here for nine months of a one-year tour of duty. Since I have arrived here in Lebanon, this current incident is the fourth I have seen and by far the most spectacular and intensive.

The first was 21 Nov 05, when the Hezbollah tried to capture IDF soldiers from an IDF observation position overlooking the Wazzani river near the town of Ghajjar on the Blue Line. This action was unsuccessful and resulted in the deaths of the Hezbollah raiding force.

On 01 Feb 06, a young shepherd boy was Killed by an IDF patrol near an abandon goat farm called Bastarra. Hassan Nasrallah (note: Hezbollah's leader) vowed that there would be consequences to this action. Team Sierra was tasked on 2 Feb 06, to assist in the investigation of the incident, and we sent one team to do so while the other team conducted its normal mobile patrolling activities.

On 03 Feb 06, a limited engagement took place initiated by the Hezbollah on several of the IDF defensive positions located in occupied Lebanon.

Then on 28 May, the Islamic Jihad (PLO) fired rockets from South Lebanon, into Israel, which elicited an immediate aerial bombardment of positions near our patrol base and in the Bekka valley. [....]

Please understand the nature of my job here is to be impartial and to report violations from both sides without bias. As an Unarmed Military Observer, this is my raison d'etre. [....]

Obviously, there is no peace to keep. A G & M poll indicates that the majority of self-selected responders to a poll think that a military action is the only solution -- that peacekeeping is not working. Also, people think that the Harper government are responding as best they can.

Statement by Six Canadian Lebanese Organizations and Clubs

Thanks to the Canadian Government Mississauga – Ontario, July 19/2006

We, the undersigned, representatives of the six Canadian Lebanese organizations that are listed below, extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Canadian government, represented by Prime Minister Mr. Stephen Harper and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Peter MacKay, for the correct, just and prompt positions they have taken with regard to Lebanon and the unfortunate military confrontations that are occurring on its soil as a result of the reckless hostile actions of the Hezbollah group that violate the will of the Lebanese people and the decisions and authority of the legitimate government of Lebanon. The actions and conduct of Hezbollah are extremely harmful to the interests of Lebanon and the Lebanese people, and obstruct progress of the peace process in Lebanon specifically, and in the Middle East in general.

We also thank the government for its wise and effective efforts with respect to its handling of all measures for the evacuation of Canadian citizens from Lebanon, the safeguard of their security, and their safe return to Canada. [....]

The list of signatories and more are on that website.

Iran and Syria Must be Held Fully Responsible for the Situation in Lebanon, and the Hezbollah Leadership Must be Brought to Justice July 17, 06

[....] We request the United Nations to issue a resolution condemning Iran and Syria and ‎holding them responsible for the escalation leading to the present situation, and holding ‎them financially liable for the costs of the reconstruction ensuing from the massive ‎damages caused by the military operations and for the compensation of all those who have suffered as a result.[....]

Cdn. government moving 2000 a day but roads in South Lebanon are impassable.

[....] An estimated 40,000 to 50,000 people with Canadian citizenship are believed to be in Lebanon, but most of those hold dual citizenship and might be living there permanently.

[....] Harper added that Canada lacks some of the transport capacity to evacuate large numbers of people quickly.

Former UN commander Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Lewis MacKenzie said the Canadian government faces a difficult challenge.

[....] there's a small thing called the Atlantic Ocean between us and the Mediterranean," he told CTV.

"France, Italy and the United Kingdom, with fleets in the Mediterranean, they are a lot closer than we are. So kudos to the government if they're able to bring this off."

Remember, (above) there are embassy understaffing problems since the Liberal government moved the embassy staff to Syria during Syrian occupation of Lebanon and many have not been moved back to Beirut.

Foreign espionage alive and well in Canada -- CSIS report: Both government departments and private companies being targeted Stewart Bell, National Post, July 19, 2006

[....] A growing threat is economic espionage, which costs the country jobs, tax revenues and competitive advantage, the report says.

"There is also growing concern about foreign powers which have engaged in espionage operations on Canadian soil in order to support their political agenda or a cause linked to a 'homeland conflict.' "

[....] In its annual report to Parliament last month, CSIS said foreign spies were targeting federal departments and private companies in the aerospace, biotechnology, chemical, communications, nuclear, mining, IT, oil and gas industries.

There was mention in the article of China and Iran -- but read the whole article.

See information re: Material Support Statute and Classified Information Procedures Act and the need for "cross-border co-operation in gathering and sharing intelligence".

In terms of legislation Mr. Mueller pointed to two pieces used in his country that could be of use in Canada. The first is the Material Support Statute, which allows U.S. law enforcement to clamp down on supporters and financiers of terrorism. It is the most commonly used legislative tool in the prosecution of U.S. terror suspects. "[It is] tremendously helpful in enabling us to disrupt terrorist networks before they get to the point where they have the explosives in hand and are ready to go out and blow up a building," Mr. Mueller said.

He also noted the Classified Information Procedures Act, which dictates how classified evidence and information deemed sensitive to national security can be used properly in the prosecution of alleged terrorists. "I believe Canada could be well enhanced with a classified information procedures act," he said. [....]

Search: sentences [for terrorists]

Homeland chief, Day discuss border -- Documents won't impede trade or travel: Chertoff Mike Sadava, CanWest, July 19, 2006

Starting on Jan. 1, 2007, travellers flying into the United States or arriving by ship would be required to carry a passport, while in 2008 those crossing by land would need a form of "smart card" that would have encrypted information about identity and nationality.

Canadian Arab Foundation Dec. 1, 05

[Stephen Harper] “Our party supports the existence of a viable independent Palestinan state, co-existing along side a democratic and secure Israel. In our view, they are inseparable. They are two sides of the same coin. We will never have one unless the other side concedes to the importance of the other.”

Then, this:

[....] CAF president Faraj Nakleh .... Canada’s foreign policy must also be complementary to the United Nations. [....]

He then offered a shopping list of Arab requests [pre-election]:

hire more Arab Canadians in government and diplomacy;
create the Arab Foundation of Canada – like the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada;
• encourage Canadian companies to develop projects in the Arab world and;
• conclude a free trade agreement with some of the progressive Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Lebanon.

Re-read that list ... and think about it. Think about the machinations that were going on during past Liberal governments having to do with France, the UN, and UNESCO. I have posted on this previously ... early Feb. I think, and probably some since.

Charest, meanwhile, hopes to ask Chirac to use all his political influence to rally support for a UNESCO treaty on the protection and promotion of cultural diversity.

[....] France, Quebec and [Liberal] Canada pushed for ratification of the treaty, which needs to be signed by 30 countries before it takes effect.

"In our eyes, this is the biggest achievement in Quebec diplomacy, so we will talk about it and push for it to be ratified as quickly as possible," Charest said. [....]

With that, Canada invites UN/UNESCO interference ... another step along the UN's road to global governance propped up by thug states. And of course, there will be an escalation in teaching native languages in their schools (more along the lines of what I posted on Innu-amun) and the languages tzar, Dyane Adam, will be satisfied ... her department's work and control will escalate.

First Nations 'entitlements' questioned July 19, 06

[Canadians] question the fairness of aboriginal entitlements or believe they foster a culture of dependency .... Ipsos Reid

Note who are described as having these views. Join the lower class club if you don't believe all the bilge. Whose interpretation was that? And how were the questions phrased? Who commissioned the poll?

Canadian technology ...

Nortel Networks teams up with Microsoft -- Strategic partnership: Potential to generate more than $1-billion in revenue

Nortel and Microsoft said they will work together to offer technology that provides businesses with Web-based communication systems that tightly integrate e-mail, instant messaging, voice and video services.

[....] collaborate on research and development, marketing and sales. Microsoft will also make payment to Nortel for intellectual property.

Search: business communications , non-exclusive contract

Pension cut stuns seniors -- Elderly outraged as low-income supplement nixed without warning for those who fail to file tax return Kathleen Harris, Ottawa

[....] Ross MacLeod, director general of benefits processing for Service Canada, said 148,000 of the 1.6 million recipients were advised in late June that they would be cut off because they didn't complete the application or tax form process or because their income status had changed. [....]

For more information call 1-800-277-9914, or 1-800-255-4786 for the hearing impaired

The income tax forms are entirely too complicated for everyone, not just for the elderly. No wonder they have been lax.

CEO of online gambling site arrested David Koenig, July 18, 06

[....] The Justice Department said Monday it is seeking the forfeiture of $4.5 billion, cars and computers from the defendants, including BetOnSports PLC and three other companies.

BetOnSports Chief Executive David Carruthers and four other defendants ... he awaited a flight from Texas to Costa Rica, where the company has operations.

Search: moved his operations to the Caribbean , a bill , banks , online gambling sites


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I hope Maj. Hess-von Kruedener is ok. The UN base where he's stationed has just been hit and a Canadian observer is reportedly killed. No identification has been made so far, but it is reported that the Canadian was 9 months into his tour - the same amount as the Major.

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