July 18, 2006

July 18, 2006: Late news

RCMP killings: Curtis Dagenais has turned himself in.


CBC led off the National with a tone that implied criticism of PM Harper and his government for being too slow to get out of Lebanon 40,000-50,000 people--Canadians, those with dual citizenship and visitors to the area. Many live in Lebanon and it is difficult to get out of the South of Lebanon--dangerous--and many were instructed (not by Canada's government, by the way) to remain there, I heard. Who? Maybe moving out of the south where Iran and Hizbollah are operating is too dangerous.

CBC bias is pathetically obvious.

PM Harper visited a veterans' graveyard in France today. While there, he and his wife honoured a relative of hers who at age 19 was killed in France, WW1, and is buried there.

In relentless anti-Harper mode, CBC continued.

Ex-Min. Graham and former head of the military was interviewed ... predictable negative response on Harper's handling of the Lebanon situation.

CBC interviewed some ex-military man, a colonel(?) to criticize the media access for photographing coffins returning from Afghanistan. CBC's purpose seems to be to turn military deaths into an orgy of grief ... pre-election ... to find anything to criticize, even though under previous governments, media access had been restricted, I believe ... but when the mainstream media is trying to bring down a government, there are different rules in play. (In the past, flying flags at half-mast was limited to the regiment, and maybe a couple of other places, also, I believe.) CBC hopes to embarrass the Conservative government, to force them into a humiliating retreat from Afghanistan. That would be more like Liberal manoeuvering with the military; of course, Liberals would call it a re-deployment to ... make better use of the peacekeepers.

Keith Boag again was hammering away, trying to create the fiction that the government is not doing enough for those wanting to get out of Lebanon and that PM Harper is being too strong in support of Israel in his statements about Israel's right to exist. Boag should read CBC's own website for the reasons.

Lebanon: Timeline -- what precipitated Israel's retaliation cbc.ca

[....] July 12, 2006:

Hezbollah militants in Lebanon conduct a raid into Israel, killing as many as seven Israeli soldiers and wounding another eight. The militants also capture two Israeli soldiers. [Note, they are militants to CBC, though declared a terror organization to Canada.]

Israel's Defence Ministry says the Lebanese government would be held responsible for the kidnappings.

Also, there had been the kidnapping of another Israeli soldier. I believe he was killed and his body desecrated even before the above incident.

Israeli rockets target roads and bridges in southern Lebanon in an apparent attempt to block escape routes and troops enter the country to search for the abducted soldiers. Eight soldiers are killed and two are injured during fighting with Hezbollah.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert calls the Hezbollah attack "an act of war."


The purpose of "A Night to Honor Israel" is for Christians to express their appreciation to the Jewish community for the Jewish contribution to Christianity. These events will not be conversionary.

Anyone interested in becoming identified with or seeking more information about Christians United for Israel may call our National Offices at (210) 477-4714 or visit the C.U.F.I. website: http://www.cufi.org.

I did not see this information until too late to post it. There was a webcast 7:30pm ET - evangelical support for Israel at the Washington Dinner.

To find out more about CUFI, see MediaTransparency.org


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