June 30, 2006

June 30, 2006: Senior Moments-Chretien's friend Corriveau

Gomery: Witnesses lied to me
Judge says he wasn't taken in by convenient lapses of memory
Jack Aubry, Ottawa Citizen, June 27, 06

[....] Judge Gomery says everyone has memory lapses, especially about unimportant events, but it is another matter when the "forgotten" event is one that has "marked" the person.

"If it is a determining factor in someone's career ... and the witness has absolutely no recollections of this event, we can say 'it is not a memory blank, it is a deliberate memory blank.' It isn't a memory blank. It is a lie to say I do not remember," Judge Gomery says.

[....] The judge says his work on the inquiry influenced the Harper government's Federal Accountability Act, which had been promised during the Christmas election, anticipating his final report on Feb. 1.

[....] "I think the truth cleanses enormously and if I can shine the light on what happened, it will have a beneficial effect on all the population," he says. [....]


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